The Craske Twins

This story is about the life of the Craske Twins, Mitchell Charles Craske and Skylynn Belle Craske, this story goes through their life as members of Diversity and being twins.


2. Chapter 3


I= Interviewer

A= Ash

J= Jordan

M= Mitch

S= Sam

Sk= Skylynn

P= Perri


I: hello everyone i'm standing here with UK's biggest dance group Diversity, how are you guys?

A: we're good 

I: now you guys got your new tour coming up right

J: yea we got our new tour called Limitless The Reboot and we're really excited for it. 

I: well your fans can't wait, now i got some fan questions for you guys, one comes from a girl named Cindy and her question is for the twins, she says " what questions do you hate when people ask you?" 

Sk: oh i hate when people ask me or Mitch, " oh if i poke you will he or she feel it" like no we can't.

Ash: well you guys can kinda feel the pain the other feels though

I: really

Mitch: yea like she is really clumsy so if she like bangs her hand on the table she will feel the pain and within a couple seconds i'll feel a pain in my hand, and thats how i'll know and be like Skylynn hurt herself.

Skylynn: i'm not that clumsy

Mitch: uh huh ok

I: another question comes from a girl named Amelia and her question is " Perri and Skylynn are you guys dating?" 

Boys: oooo

Perri: uh no we're not dating but we are really close 

Skylynn: yea but who knows we'll see what happens OH no wait * covers her face*

Boys: *laughs* 

Perri *smiles* 

I: this question comes from a girl named Emily and her question is " Are you guys protective of Skylynn with her being the only girl in the group?"

J: oh absolutely, Skylynn is like a little sister to us, but Sam is the most protective over her

S: i am i'm her big brother and i'm the one who raised her to be the beautiful person she is now.

Sk: i think you're the reason i'm weird too *laughs*

S: no that was all you. 




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