The Craske Twins

This story is about the life of the Craske Twins, Mitchell Charles Craske and Skylynn Belle Craske, this story goes through their life as members of Diversity and being twins.


28. Chapter 29

* later that day*

Sam pov: i walked into the hospital after going home when i was met by the doctor.


Doctor: hello Mr. Craske

Sam: hello doctor

Doctor: well i have some news for you

Sam: what is it

Doctor: lets talk in my office

I follow the doctor to his office and sit down

Doctor: well your sister has been in here for almost 3 weeks now, we have been monitering her very closely. And we found that she hasn't been getting any better

Sam: is there anything you can do

Doctor: yes but it involves major surgery

Sam: what would happen if we go through the surgery

Doctor: she could wake up not remembering anything for a month, or  if we we go through with the surgery and it doesn't go well she probably won't make it

Sam: *sighs*

Doctor: i'll let you think about it and you tell me your decision tomorrow

Sam: ok thank you doctor *gets up and goes to Skylynn's room*

Sam: oh hey boys

Jordan: hey mate

Ash: whats up

Sam: just got done talking to the doctor

Mitch: what happen

Sam: he said that she isn't getting better and the way they can help her is doing a major surgery, but they said that if the surgery goes wrong she probably won't make it

Ash: what are you gonna do

Sam: i don't know, i gotta let him know tomorrow *looks at Perri* hey pel

Perri: *sadly* hey

Sam: thanks for coming to see her

Perri: *nods in response*

Jordan: Sam come here *pulls Sam to the corner*

Sam: what

Jordan: listen pel is going through hell right now, he didn't want to come here to see her like this. He's been crying non stop, he won't eat or anything

Sam: he's taking this hard

Jordan: talk to him resure him that she's going to be fine

Sam: i will

After talking to Jordan we went back towards the boys

Ash: you know what i always wanted to know

Ike: what

Ash: if Skylynn and Mitch's hearts beat at the same time

Warren: mate what are you talking about

Ash: like they're twins, so shouldn't their hearts beat at the same time

Sam: wanna find out

Jordan: how

Sam: guys we're in a hospital, they're both sleeping, look * goes to a draw and pulls out a heart rate machine* this detects the heart beat of a person

Ash: where did you get that

Sam: listen when you been stuck in the hospital for almost 3 weeks you adventure around

Jordan: what do we do

Sam: simple this * puts a patch on Mitch's chest and turns on the machine*

After a few seconds, we saw the same lines on Mitch's machine and on Skylynn's indicating that their hearts beat at the same time

Ash: i was right their hearts do beat at the same time

Sam: cool right

Ash: yea

After the boys left but i made Perri stay back.

Sam: how you doin pel

Perri: i'm ok

Sam: Perri its ok you can tell me

Perri: *cries* Sam i don't want her to die

Sam: *hugs Perri* she's not gonna die Pel

Perri: what about the surgery

Sam: i'm going to the doctor tomorrow and talk to him about that you just worry about you right now. Let me worry about Skylynn ok she's gonna get better, she's a Craske

Perri: ok *wipes tears*

Seeing Perri and the rest of the boys like this is the worse. Hopefully i made the right decision for Skylynn tomorrow.

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