The Craske Twins

This story is about the life of the Craske Twins, Mitchell Charles Craske and Skylynn Belle Craske, this story goes through their life as members of Diversity and being twins.


26. Chapter 27

* at the hospital* 

Ellie was in the waiting room, when everyone ran in 

Jenny: Ellie how is she

Ellie: she's not good mum 

Sam: El what happened

Ellie: when we arrived at the hospital she caught a seizure, when she came out of it, she was having problems breathing and her blood pressure was really low, and so was her heart rate *sighs* they had to put her in a medical reduce coma 

Everyone gasps

Jenny: *cries again* 

Sam: Mum relax she is gonna be ok 

The doctor comes in to the waiting room

Doctor: i assume you are all here for Skylynn 

Ellie: yes

Doctor: ok can i speak to her parent or legal guardian

Jenny: i'm her mother

Doctor: are you the one with the parental rights 

Jenny: no her brother Sam is 

Doctor: *looks at Sam* you are her legal guardian 

Sam: yes 

Doctor: follow me please *walks away* 

Sam: *follows the doctor to his office and sits down* 

Doctor: ok so if you don't know already we had to put your sister in a medical reduce coma 

Sam: yea i know

Doctor: ok so we think that this is the best since she is having breathing problems. We did some test and her immune system is destroying some of her organs, so far it is destroying her liver, and one of her kidneys, if we don't stop it, it can go to destroy her lungs or even her heart.

Sam: what do you want me to do 

Doctor: well since you have all the rights to Skylynn, you get to make the decisions on what we do, me and some of the other specialists think if she does not get better and begin breathing on her own in the next couple of weeks, we might have to pull the plug but its your decision if we keep her on or not

Sam: so you're saying that she is on life support and that during the next couple of weeks, i have to make the decision on whether to take her off or leave her on 

Doctor: yes 

Sam: *sighs* 

Doctor: i'm sorry Mr. Craske that it has to come down to this 

Sam: its ok, thank you doctor *gets up and leaves to the waiting room* 

Ash: mate what happened 

Sam: *breaks down and cries* 

Jordan: *sits Sam down on the chair* relax mate tell us 

Sam: *takes a breath* the doctor told me, that her growth defusion has affected her immune system to the point that it is destroying her organs. She is on life support now, and he told me that she has the next couple of weeks to get better if she doesn't i have to make the decision on whether to keep her on or take her off *cries again *

Everyone sighs and starts crying 

Doctor: sorry to interrupt but you guys can see her but only one at a time

Ash: mate you go in first 

Sam: * nods and gets up and walks into Skylynn's room* hey Belle

Sam walks next to Skylynn's bed and holds her hand 

Sam: Belle i'm so sorry you're in here, i need you to get better please *cries* Belle you can't leave me i need you, you're the main thing in my life that keeps me going and helps me sleep at night. Please Belle. *Kisses Skylynn's forehead and leaves* 

Mitch: *walks in and holds Skylynn's hand* hey bubs, i'm gonna try and not cry right now but please get better bubs, we all need you, Sam needs you, El needs you, i need you, you're my twin bubs you are literally my other half, without you my life is hell *cries* i can't do this bubs you can't leave not now. I love you bubs *kisses Skylynn's head* 

All the boys came in one by one and spoke to Skylynn. Sam and Mitchell stayed in the room with Skylynn. 


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