The Craske Twins

This story is about the life of the Craske Twins, Mitchell Charles Craske and Skylynn Belle Craske, this story goes through their life as members of Diversity and being twins.


23. Chapter 24

* Next morning*

Skylynn pov: i woke up the next morning to see Perri asleep next to me and Mitchell on the floor sleeping. I didn't drink a lot last night so i didn't get drunk, Perri and Mitchell on the other hand got super drunk. They had a contest to see who can drink the most shots, within a 1 min they were already drunk off of 6 shots. Through out the night they were acting wild, we had to leave the club early because of them, Mitchell almost got into a fight with Warren and Perri tried to jump in, with that being said we had to come to the hotel. 

Skylynn: *gets off the bed and kicks Mitchell* wake up 

Mitch: *groans* ughh 

Skylynn: Mitch get up and lay on your bed instead of the floor

Mitch: *groans* bubs please don't scream, my head is killing me

Skylynn: *helps Mitch to his bed* i'll get you some pills and water

I look in my bag and find some pills for headaches, i'm always prepared for this kind of stuff, i hand Mitch the pills and he takes them.

Skylynn: want something to eat

Mitch: no thanks *lays back down* 

I go to the bathroom and take a quick shower then get dressed and walk back into the room

Perri: *groans and wakes up* ughhh Skylynn 

Skylynn: *laughs* yea

Perri: help me i'm dying 

Skylynn: you're not dying pel, you just have a hangover *gives Perri the pills*

Mitch: what happened last night

Skylynn: lots of crazy things 

Mitch: ughh did i have sex with anyone

Skylynn: no 

Mitch: oh thank God cause Kim would kill me

Skylynn: you guys wanna know what happened last night

Mitch and Perri: *nod* 

Skylynn: when we arrived at the club we all started out with soft drinks, you two took it to a whole other level, you guys decided that it would be fun for you two to do a drinking contest, you guys got drunk off of 6 shots in 1 min. After that you guys just kept drinking, you Mitch tried to fight Warren and you pel tried to jump in. Warren was trying to help you guys outside, but Mitch i guess got mad and you took a swing at Warren, luckily he moved because if he didn't you would've hit him. After we got you guys to the hotel and ended up here.

Mitch: ughh crap

Skylynn: Sam just texted me saying that all the boys are up so if you want we should go get breakfast

Perri: yea *gets up*

Mitch and Perri and I all walk out the room and head to Ash's room to see all the boys there

Skylynn: morning guys 

Boys: morning 

Ash: well i see you guys are sobered up *looks at Mitch and Perri*

Perri: *sighs* guys me and Mitch feel really bad about ruining your night

Jordan: you didn't ruin our night pel, it was your birthday anyways, but you guys just need to control your liquor, if you guys can't then just drink soft drinks

Perri: we just got carried away *sits down*

Mitch: yea and Skylynn told us about what happened and Warren man i'm sorry for that

Warren: *laughs* Mitch its fine, it was kinda fun

Mitch: *give Warren a bro hug* 

We all sat down and joked and ate breakfast, we had a day off today so we decided to do a video for the fans

Jordan: hey guys its Jordan here, i'm here with the rest of the members of Diversity, today we are gonna play a game with the twins, so Mitchell and Skylynn sit right here, ok this game is called Twin Telepathy, we are gonna see how many of the same answers you can get correct, to see if they really are twins. ok you guys have to say the answer at the same time after three ready, first question name a color..1...2...3

Skylynn and Mitch: blue

boys: *cheer* 

Jordan: ok next question name a pizza topping..1..2...3

Sky and Mitch: cheese

boys: *cheer again* 

Jordan: ok ok next question name a state...1...2...3

Mitch: New Jersey

Skylynn: porterhouse

Jordan: you guys got that wrong

Mitch: ughh Skylynn

Skylynn: you said name a state, i thought you said name a steak, i said Porterhouse

boys: *laughs* 

Skylynn: i don't wanna play anymore *laughs and gets up* 

Perri: *laughs* babe come here *hugs Skylynn* 


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