The Craske Twins

This story is about the life of the Craske Twins, Mitchell Charles Craske and Skylynn Belle Craske, this story goes through their life as members of Diversity and being twins.


19. Chapter 19

* 2 months later* 

Skylynn pov: these past two months i was doing great i got my own house and i moved out of Sam's house, after quitting Diversity i also dropped out of school, i am doing pretty good. Mitch and I talk literally three times a day and he told me that the boys were coming back home for break, which meant that Sam was also coming home, which meant i would probably have to see him. And that day was today, My mum had called me to come over cause she had to speak to me about something.

I walked in the house and into the kitchen to see my parents, my sister Ellie, Mitch, and of course Sam.

Jenny: Skylynn you made it

Skylynn: um yea whats going on

Paul: well your mother and i were planning on taking a family vacation with you guys to just spend time together

Ellie: i'm down

Skylynn: i don't know

Jenny: come Skylynn you don't want to spend time with your family 

Skylynn: mum i didn't mean it like that of course i want to spend time with you guys, well some of you

Sam: *looks down*

Paul: Skylynn *stern voice*

Jenny: well tonight we are going to spend time together since Sam and Mitchell are back.

Ellie: *sits down on the table* yea tell us hows tour so far

Mitchell: its pretty good so far

Ellie: Sam how about you

Sam: yea its cool *sadly*

Jenny: Skylynn come sit down 

Skylynn: um i'm good mum thanks * gets something to drink*

Paul: ok you know what i'm sick of this Skylynn sit down right now and talk to your brother 

Skylynn: ok *sits down next to Mitch* hey bro whats been going on

Sam: *looks away sadly* 

Jenny: no i'm tired of this Ellie and Mitchell can you guys step into the living room while your father and I talk to you brother and sister

Mitch and Ellie walk out and leave Sam and I alone with our parents

Jenny: whats the problem with you guys

Skylynn: he's the problem

Sam: how am i the problem, just because i care about you and want the best for you, you think i'm treating you like a little girl

Skylynn: because you do

Paul: stop you two, you guys are brother and sister, you should care and love each other equally

Skylynn: yea well

Jenny: Skylynn are you saying you don't love your brother

Skylynn: i'm not saying that 

Jenny: Skylynn you need to understand that Sam knows you more than everybody, he knows what you like, don't like and everything else. You need to respect him.

Skylynn: i will once he learns to respect me

Sam: i do respect you

Skylynn: yea right, you treat me like a little girl, grounding me and making me follow rules, i'm 18 years old now i can do what i want 

Sam: You don't understand, i'm the one who raised you, not mum or dad, me i was both your mother and father growing up, i made sure you was fed, even if i didn't eat i made sure you did. I cared for you like you was my own daughter. I cared for you, i took you to doctors appointments, i was there in your cheer competitions, cheering you on, I'm the one who gave up my freedom and life to raise and care for you, i'm the one missing rehearsals and work to come home or to pick you up from school because you was sick, i'm the one you would go to crying in the middle of the night because there was monsters under your bed. You was the one who called me dada or daddy, but i never took that away from mum or dad because they are your real parents. I was there 24/7 for 18 years and for you to throw me out of your life like that it hurts me, but no matter what i'm still your brother and i will still be in your life. * tears up*

Skylynn: why do you treat me like a little girl?

Sam: because i love you Belle, i want to protect you, but i see now that you can handle your own, i care for you Belle more than i care for my self, you're the one who kept me going, how do you think i was during the past couple of months, depressed and worried, why because i didn't know where my little sister was or if she was ok

Skylynn: well you see me now and i'm fine

Sam: Skylynn please just understand that i'm did what i did because i care

Skylynn: i know but it needs to stop

Sam: what do you mean

Skylynn: stop treating me like a little girl,  i want to be treated like the woman i am becoming

Sam: i promise from here on out i will

Skylynn: ok *smiles* 

Sam: can you also come back to Diversity

Skylynn: yea 

Sam and i get up and hug, our parents come up and wrap us in a hug and soon Mitch and Ellie came into the hug, we were all wrapped up in a family group hug.

Jenny: oh look at us the Craske family back together, my babies are getting so big

Ellie, Sam, Skylynn, Mitch: Mummm 

We all stayed a bit to have some family time then it was time for us to go.


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