The Craske Twins

This story is about the life of the Craske Twins, Mitchell Charles Craske and Skylynn Belle Craske, this story goes through their life as members of Diversity and being twins.


16. Chapter 17

* Next morning*

Skylynn pov: i woke up with 7 missed calls from Sam, i got up and got dressed and decided to hang out with  my sister Ellie

Ellie: so hows been going

Skylynn: its been alright so happy i'm home

After about 5 mins of talking my phone rang it was Sam

Phone convo:

S: Skylynn where are you

Sk: i'm home

S: why are you home

Sk: because since i can't perform whats the point of being there

S: so what doesn't mean you can leave and go home

Sk: yes it does 

S: Skylynn i am your brother and you would do as i say

Sk: you so lost the label brother when you grounded me, i consider you as my dance mate

S: Skylynn you listen to me

Sk: no i'm done listening to you, i'm done following your stupid rules, and i'm just done with you, when you come back home all my stuff would be gone because i'm moving out, and don't worry about me coming to rehearsals at DanceWorks cause i quit Diversity. *hangs up* 

Ellie: Skylynn you did not just quit 

Skylynn: oh but i did

Ellie: what are you gonna do now, Sam is your legal guardian

Skylynn: not anymore


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