The Craske Twins

This story is about the life of the Craske Twins, Mitchell Charles Craske and Skylynn Belle Craske, this story goes through their life as members of Diversity and being twins.


13. Chapter 14

*later that day* 

Skylynn pov: the boys left back to rehearsal but Sam stayed.

Skylynn: Sam i want to leave

Sam: i know Belle but you can't you have to stay here

Skylynn: no i missed last night's show i can't miss this show

Sam: Skylynn you leave tomorrow 

Skylynn: ughh


*later that night* 

Skylynn pov: Sam left to the arena where the boys will be performing, i looked at the time and it 6:30 the boys perform at 8 which ment i had at least two hours to get to the arena, thats right i'm sneaking out and going to the show. i got out of bed and got dressed i walked out the room and literally ran to the car outside, i told the driver to take me to the arena, 1 hour later i arrived and i walked into the dressing room. 

Danielle: oh my gosh Skylynn what are you doing here

Skylynn: i'm performing tonight i can't wait another day, where's my costume

Danielle: Skylynn i am not letting you perform tonight

Skylynn: no Danny you have too please

Danielle: Skylynn 

Skylynn: * grabs her costume and gets dressed*

Danielle: Skylynn you are not getting on that stage

Skylynn: Danny let me do this please *walks out to the side of the stage*

I wait for my solo to come on and when it does i run on stage and do my solo, as i'm dancing i hear the crowd scream, i also happen to look at the boys' faces and they were not happy. 

After the show was over i run backstage before the boys but it was too late.


I walk back to face Sam.

Sam: What the hell was that, i told you not to leave the hospital 

Skylynn: i don't care i wanted to perform its bad enough i missed out last night, i didn't want to miss out anymore.

Ash: Skylynn that stunt you pulled was not cool, you could've messed up the whole routine.

Skylynn: but i didn't 

Ash: you didn't rehearse your solo, i saw so many mistakes tonight, your lucky enough that the crowd didn't see

Skylynn: Ash

Sam: Skylynn lets go i'm taking you back to the hospital, and on the ride there, we'll discuss you punishment 

Skylynn: you got to be f...*gets cut off*

Sam: *looks at Skylynn* i dare you to finish that sentence

Skylynn: * walks out*


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