The Craske Twins

This story is about the life of the Craske Twins, Mitchell Charles Craske and Skylynn Belle Craske, this story goes through their life as members of Diversity and being twins.


10. Chapter 11

*later that night* 

Skylynn pov: the boys and i arrived at the O2 arena, where we will begin our tour. sadly i won't be performing with the boys, but tomorrow night i will, which i am extremely excited for. We were all backstage getting ready, well the boys were, i was helping Danielle (Ash and Jordan's mom) with the boys' costumes. Before we knew it , it was time for the boys to be onstage. We all got together and huddled up and did our little chant, i wore my FACE apparel hat to show the boys support.

Skylynn: *walks to Sam and Mitch* good luck guys 

Mitch: thanks bubs 

Skylynn: go out there and kill it, and show the world what the Craskes and Diversity are about 

Sam: we will for you

Skylynn: Love you nerds

Mitch: love you too

The three of us hugs and they go to the boys.

Skylynn: *walks to Perri* Good luck babe

Perri: thanks baby but you know it won't be the same with out you

Skylynn: i'll be standing next to the stage with Danny, so you'll see me

Perri: i know but i want to see you on stage

Skylynn: tomorrow night you will, but tonight go out there and crush it

Perri: this one is for you 

Skylynn: i love you

Perri: love you too *kisses Skylynn*

Danny and i stood next to the stage and watch the boys dance, and can i say they crushed it. I'm not gonna lie, i so wanted to jump on stage and dance with the boys but i held off. 

After the show was done i ran backstage and jumped on Perri

Skylynn: oh my gosh baby you did so good 

Perri: *out of breathe* thanks baby 

Skylynn: *hugs the rest of the boys* i'm so proud of you guys

Ike: thanks Sky *smiles* 

Jordan: ok well we're gonna go out tonite to celebrate you guys in

Sam, Mitch, Ike , Warren, Ash, and Terry agreed 

Perri: um i'm good, me and Sky are just gonna chill at the hotel 

Jordan: ok 

Perri and I went back to the hotel, and ordered food and watched movies, until we fell asleep.

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