Larry Imagines!

A bunch of Larry imagines. If you have any requests or ideas, just tell me! There is no specific concept, they are all different. My twitter is @Lexi_Lyttle17 , or you can request on here!


2. Water Fountain (2)

I M A G I N E :

Louis and Harry sitting in front of an outdoor water fountain. Harry is reading a book of poems to Louis,

while Louis braids his hair.


AN-  So this is a new book, comment what you think, also feel free to give me some ideas, or whatever. These are all imagines that I came up with. I'm not really looking for a co-author, but if you have any ideas for a fanfic that you want to do but don't have the time or just don't want to write a long book, you can write this with me. My twitter is @Lexi_Lyttle17 - Tell me your from Movellas or Wattpad and I will follow you back. Also sorry for the short chapter, and I WILL BE UPDATING ON WEDNESDAY'S OR THURSDAYS as I have volleyball games Wednesdays. I love you all XxxX!


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