Larry Imagines!

A bunch of Larry imagines. If you have any requests or ideas, just tell me! There is no specific concept, they are all different. My twitter is @Lexi_Lyttle17 , or you can request on here!


3. Scrabble (3)

I M A G I N E :

 Louis and Harry playing a game of scrabble, and Louis using the letters/words to ask Harry to marry

him. Harry begins to cry and says 'yes' but insists on finishing the game. For the rest, Harry keeps putting lovey words



A/N~ I am so sorry I haven't updated yet! I had volleyball on Wednesday, i was like sleeping all day on Thursday, and today I went to my school's football game, and then my city's hockey game and I've just been really busy. I love you all even though there's probably like one person reading this. I love you. ~L XxxX. Maybe I'll double update since I feel really bad. Haha.

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