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15. Pained love (15)

I M A G I N E :

H: Louis, what the fuck?

L: Harry, I-

H: You what? You thought it was a good idea to get some random girl pregnant, is that it?

L: No! Not at all. Harry I love you. You can't possibly believe-

H: Louis if you loved me you wouldn't fucking do this to me.

Louis' face filled with anger and sadness and he turned red and he could feel the hotness radiating off his cheeks. Wet with even hotter tears. Harry only got angrier.

H: I can not fucking believe you Louis. I'm- I'm going to hit you.

L: No. No you won't.

H: Louis, how could you?! 

Harry thought of everything in the world that made him angry. He thought of Louis with a random girl, getting her pregnant. He got the angriest he had ever been in his entire life, and he slapped Louis across the face.

Louis slid down the wall cupping his hand over his left cheek. He crawled away from Harry, and locked himself in the bathroom letting his salty tears flow.

Harry had realized what he had done and walked to the en suite. He tried opening the door but Louis had locked it.

L: Go away!

H: Louis, you know I didn't mean any of that. Please come out. Please. I'm sorry, i'm sorry i'm sorry.

Harry kept his fist pounding against the wooden door and repeating the words "I'm sorry" over and over again, each one quieter than the last. Until eventually the sobs stopped and Louis heard a door close. He unlocked the door and went to find Harry but he was no where in the room, On the bed was a single piece of paper that read:

 Dearest Lou, I am so very sorry. You are my angel and I have wronged you. I know that the world is better off without me. I love you. Love always, your Harry.

L: No. No no no no no.

He rushed out of the room and looked all over for Harry. Nowhere to be found. Louis wiped away his tears and lied there waiting for Harry's return. But Harry was never heard from again.

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