Larry Imagines!

A bunch of Larry imagines. If you have any requests or ideas, just tell me! There is no specific concept, they are all different. My twitter is @Lexi_Lyttle17 , or you can request on here!


13. Larry's coming out analysis 1 (13)


I M A G I N E :

 Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry all watching a movie and having bonding time. 

Li: So what does everyone want for dinner?

N: Nandos.

Z: Chicken.

Lo/H: McDonalds!

Li: Eww no.

Z: That's very unhealthy y'know

N: Nandos.

Lo: Well I'm going to McDonalds with Haz.

Lo/H: *walks out door without looking back*

H: Oh yeah, and Larry is real! *giggles and slams door*


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