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12. Always In My Heart (12)

I M A G I N E :

 Louis feels tears stinging in his eyes when he sees the notifications on his phone. 

*@Larry_ForeverInOur_Hearts and 36 others retweeted your tweet*

He sighs, looking at the tweet one more time wondering if he should delete it.

 "Always in my heart @Harry_Styles . Your's sincerely, Louis"

He couldn't take it anymore so he shut off his phone. It's been exactly 41 days since that tweet, and exactly 40 days

since they ended the engagement. He let a tear fall as his phone began to ring. He squinted at the name that flashed

across his screen. He thought for a moment that it couldn't be real. He didn't know whether or not he should pick it up.

The ringing just wouldn't stop, so he gave in, trying very hard not to go insane.

L: "What?" 

H: "Lou, you answered!" Louis was about to reply, but he heard faint cries and a throw up sound from the other end of the line. 

L: "Are you drunk?"

 H: "Did you mean it?" Harry sounded angry.

 L: "What are you talking about?"

 H: "The tweet. Did you really mean it?" He asks followed by more gagging sounds, and cries to no one in particular.

 L: "Harry, of course I meant it." 

H: Always?" This time he didn't sound angry at all, just desperate. 

L: Always in my heart, Harry"

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