And Back (sequal to: To the moon

This is the sequel to To The Moon. A journey about Michaels road to recovery. His friends, family, fans, and unspoken feelings.


6. That almost happened

Luke's POV

My lips brush Michaels as shivers are sent down my spine. I've liked Michael for years. Years I haven't felt his lips fully against mine. Now, now we're not even centimeters apart.

So many times I've wanted to press my lips to his and its about to happen. My heart races as we lean in closer.

A knock at the door makes us both pull away awkwardly. Our lips didn't even touch! Why now?!?

I run my fingers through my hair. Frustrated, I was so close! I leave without a word, making my way towards the bathroom.

I pass Karen on the way out, I half smile towards her before making my way down the hall way.

My wheelchair only slowing me down.

When I finely find my way to the bathroom I roll over to a corner. I burry my head in my hands and curse.

'Fuck.' escapes my lips in a soft tone.

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