And Back (sequal to: To the moon

This is the sequel to To The Moon. A journey about Michaels road to recovery. His friends, family, fans, and unspoken feelings.


5. Sh*t

Michaels POV

Never in my life have I heard so much dominance come from someone.

Especially 'Luke.

So you can imagine my surprise when a low toned growl escapes his lips.


I nod at his demand. I open my mouth taking a deep breath.

'Counting down these seconds, j-jumping off these fences, find another place to start again.'

Luke joins in.

'Cracks in the side walk, I'm over all the small talk, setting off like fire in the wind.' we sing in harmony.

'I won't waste another day.' Calum enters the room joining us with our vocals.

'Wishing this would fade away.' Ash follows.

'Running but not looking back!' We all sing in union. A tear escapes my eyes. I've missed this. Us. Me and the boys.

Luke rests his hand on my cheek, softly wiping the tear away. His eyes have never been so blue.

Our gaze has never stayed so long. Its only when Ash uncomfortably clears his throat, that brakes our gaze.

Luke's hand still rested on my cheek, his eyes slowly lowering towards the ground.

'You still have your voice! That's grate!' Calum cheers up.

'Y-Y-Yeah.' I barly whisper.

'Whats wrong? You've got your voice, and us. Why are you sad still?' Calum asks.

Its not that I'm unhappy about having my voice, or that the boys are here, I'm grateful.

I just, its not what my heart wants. Sorry, let me rephrase, what my heart nєєdѕ.

So what does my heart need?

Well I could tell you, but.

I place my right hand on Luke's left cheek. He looks from the floor to my eyes. Searching for an answer, an answer for what I'm doing.

He bites his lip ring, whilst slowly moving forward. Mt eyes never leaving his lips.

His warm breath sending shivers down my spine. Out lips only centimeters apart.

My heart is practically beating out of its chest. His lips so close its painful.

I smile before...

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