And Back (sequal to: To the moon

This is the sequel to To The Moon. A journey about Michaels road to recovery. His friends, family, fans, and unspoken feelings.


8. For reals?

Luke's POV

This isn't the best place to be. My head rested on Ashton's lap as he softly plays with my hair, calming me down.

Light muffled sobs escape my lips. 'I'm sick of this, of being afraid. I mean what if he doesn't feel the same?.'

Ash looks down at me with disbelief. 'Where we in the same room just then? He lent down HE wanted the kiss just as much as you did.'

'You don't know that, don't get me wrong I'm happy for you but you have Calum, your with the one you want. While the one I want, he-'

'Luke?' Ash interrupts me. ILife Mt head slightly to meet his deep eyes. He nods his head towards the door and sits me up. He smiles before leaving.

I turn my head to meet Michaels beautiful green eyes. He smiles sympathetically and walks over to me

I wipe the tears from my eyes. Letting a reassuring smile show on my lips. Michael sits down beside me, placing my head on his warm lap.

Earlier Ash had helped me out of my Wheelchair and on the the floor.

He strokes my hair softly humming. This is the feeling I want. Warmth, comfort and safety. I look up and into Michaels deep green eyes, as he stairs into my blue.

Is this even real? How can two people sit so quietly and it not be awkward? A comforting silence, I guess you could call it.

Maybe, just maybe things might get better.


C͙a͙n͙ I͙ j͙u͙s͙t͙ s͙a͙y͙ h͙o͙w͙ a͙m͙a͙z͙i͙n͙g͙ y͙o͙u͙ g͙u͙y͙s͙ a͙r͙e͙, o͙m͙g͙,

T͙h͙a͙n͙k͙ y͙o͙u͙ s͙o͙ m͙u͙c͙h͙ f͙o͙r͙ s͙o͙ m͙a͙n͙y͙ r͙e͙a͙d͙s͙ l͙i͙k͙e͙ w͙o͙w͙! I͙'m͙ s͙o͙ s͙o͙r͙r͙y͙ I͙ h͙a͙v͙e͙n͙'t͙ u͙p͙d͙a͙t͙e͙d͙ a͙n͙y͙ o͙f͙ m͙y͙ b͙o͙o͙k͙s͙ i͙n͙ a͙ w͙h͙i͙l͙e͙, l͙i͙k͙e͙ I͙ h͙a͙v͙e͙ b͙e͙e͙n͙ s͙o͙ s͙i͙c͙k͙ a͙n͙d͙ t͙h͙i͙s͙ w͙e͙e͙k͙ I͙ h͙a͙v͙e͙ e͙x͙a͙m͙s͙ s͙o͙ I͙ m͙i͙g͙h͙t͙ n͙o͙t͙ b͙e͙ a͙b͙l͙e͙ t͙o͙ b͙e͙ o͙n͙ a͙s͙ m͙u͙c͙h͙ a͙s͙ I͙ w͙o͙u͙l͙d͙ l͙i͙k͙e͙ t͙o͙. B͙u͙t͙ I͙ p͙r͙o͙m͙i͙s͙e͙ (s͙i͙n͙c͙e͙ y͙o͙u͙ g͙u͙y͙s͙ h͙a͙v͙e͙ b͙e͙e͙n͙ s͙o͙ a͙w͙e͙s͙o͙m͙e͙) t͙o͙ u͙p͙d͙a͙t͙e͙ A͙L͙L͙ o͙f͙ m͙y͙ b͙o͙o͙k͙s͙ n͙e͙x͙t͙ w͙e͙e͙k͙.

Y͙o͙u͙ g͙u͙y͙s͙ a͙r͙e͙ g͙r͙a͙t͙e͙ I͙ r͙e͙a͙l͙l͙y͙ l͙o͙v͙e͙ y͙o͙u͙ X͙x͙

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