And Back (sequal to: To the moon

This is the sequel to To The Moon. A journey about Michaels road to recovery. His friends, family, fans, and unspoken feelings.


9. Drifting

Michaels POV

I sat their, on the Bathroom floor in the hospital. Luke's head on my lap in a comfortable silence.

I debate with myself weather or not I should wait to tell Luke again. Do I really want the world knowing?

The headlines of every news channel or radio talk show #MukeAf? They can keep their opinions to themselves if not fuck them.

I have never cared what other people think, Nor am I going to change. If I can't declare my Love for Luke them am I really worth his time?

Maybe I can make it special, somehow.

I look down and face a sleeping Luke. I watch his chest fall as he takes slow calming breaths. He is so peaceful, so calm.

I stroke his soft blonde hair, slowly, making sure not to wake him up.

Soft mumbles escape his lips, causing me to smile.

Ash walks in leaning against the door frame.

'He really cares about you Michael.' He whispers. I nod.

'I-i-i kn-kn-know.' I sigh quietly.

'And I Know you about him too.' Ash states softly.

'Ye-ah, it-ts crazy. How h-he makes me f-f-fe-eel.' I smile my attention back on a still asleep Luke.

'Don't hurt him again, especially now that your awake.' Ash walks out of the bathroom with a slight smile.

I gently kiss the top of Luke's head, knowing how I'm going to show him.

Show him how much he means to me.

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