And Back (sequal to: To the moon

This is the sequel to To The Moon. A journey about Michaels road to recovery. His friends, family, fans, and unspoken feelings.


4. A start

Michaels POV

'are you sure your OK Michael?' Mums pail eyes scan mine. So many emotions run through her, she's pail, jumpy and fearful.

I nod my head with a smile. 'I Never meant for this, I wanted to leave, I did.' she broke down in tears.

'i-i-i-t-t-t-ssss Ooookk Mmmmmu-' My bottom lip wobbles. Her warm soothing arms wrap around me.

Its been a while since I have seen mum. She wasn't told about dad until a week after the incident. I can't help but to feel sorry for mum, if that was my kid I would want to know right away.

Luke is going OK. He is wheelchair bound for the next six months.

We had to cancel our tour this year. I'm not allowed to fly for six months, and Luke isn't able to either.

I haven't told Luke about the whole, me being able to hear him thing. I don't know what it is, just something told me not to.

I'm still unsure how I feel about Luke. I mean yeah I like him, but, I don't know.

speech theropy. That's what I have to go through. To be able to talk properly again. Fucking speech theropy. I cringe at the thought.

'you need some coffee.' Mum states awkwardly as Luke enters, clearing his throat.

I just nod, being too frustrated to talk.

'Hey' Luke almost whispers. He is dressed in a black and red flannelette, black skinny jeans, black high top converse, with messy blond hair.

He grips his lip ring firmly between his teeth. That fucking lip ring. Not that it pisses me off or anything. No, its how fucking adorable he looks biting it.

Stop it Michael, fucking stop it.

'hhhheeyy' I sigh.

'your getting a lot better with your words.' He smiles half giggling. He hold his stomach and groans in pain.

'Kkarmassss a a a bitchhhh.' I smirk.

'Heh.' is all he is able to say.

I Look up into his electric blue eyes, worst mistake of my life. The gaze causes us both to blush. Fuck.

'you know what? While you were out-' fuck here it is. No,no,no!

'Calum asked Ash out.' what?!? I mean no surprise there after them kissing and all, but he doesn't want to bring it up?!? His feelings?

'Yeaaahh.' I looked down at the white tiles below.

'what's wrong?' I look up at Luke confused.

'you don't seem so taken back by this?' I shake my head, faking a smile.

'I kneew they llllliked eacchh oother.' He smirks.

There was a silent but comfortable silence in the room. It lasts a good five minutes.

'Sing' he demanded. I tilt my head confused. 'sing' he repeats himself.

'wwwhy?' I ask. He slowly wheels his chair Forward to my side. He lifts my chin with his index finger. It seems so cliché, so real, so right.

His deep breath centimeters from mine. His plump lips, black lip ring and the next step.

He moves his lips to my ear and whispers deeply.


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