And Back (sequal to: To the moon

This is the sequel to To The Moon. A journey about Michaels road to recovery. His friends, family, fans, and unspoken feelings.


3. A Good side to every bad

Michaels POV


'HE'S ALIVE!' He screams. Dr Grey rolls Luke onto his back.

A bullet to his stomach. Luke puts pressure on the wound as he groans in pain.

Our eyes meet. His crystal blue scanning Evey inch of my Green.

I shake my head lightly. 'w-w-y?' I try my best to speak.

'I could never live with myself if I had let you die.' he chuckles before squeezing his eyes shut in pain.

'We need to get you in for surgery now.' Dr Grey said softly.

They brought over a portable hospital bed. They lightly help Luke up and push him away.

Dr Grey stays behind.

'How are you?' he leans over the bed railing.

's-s-hhh-oook-d' I sigh in frustration.

He chuckles lightly. 'Get use to that.'


'I'm sorry to tell you but, your never going to talk properly again.' my face drops.

BUT I SING IN A BAND?!? FML. WTF am i going to do with my life? I guess i can resign to video games? 

But, my band, my fans, my life. 




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