Living in the city

Isn't America suppose to be a land of happiness, freedom, and love?
Most stories tell high school to be all this and that but in real life.... it's completely different. Take a journey to my world filled with happiness, sadness and excitement.


1. Chapter 1.

"My father said there were two kinds of people in the world, givers and takers. The takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better."MARLO THOMAS



"I don't know if I can do this..." I whisper to my friend as I see myself standing tall in front of thousands of people. 

How did I get here? I'm on stage and I do not know what to do. My friend hands me a cookie and I take a bit out of it. This was one of the most hardest raisin chip cookie I have ever tasted. Just then I feel my top far back right tooth and notice it breaking! Just as gravity does its work all my other teeth starts falling off from my mouth. Its tasteless but hard feeling patronizes me. I look at the ground and find a pile filled of broken teeth right next to my sneakers. I look at the crowd and they have horrid looks on their faces. 

"Stop!" My friend says

"STOP!" She says even louder 


"Wait a minute... fill my cup, put some-"


I tiredly get off of my bed and walk to my counter to turn off my phone's alarm.

The dream I had today scared me. I feel all my teeth to make sure that they are still in place. Yes they are. I need to remember that, that was only a dream. My teeth are not going to fall off whatsoever.Why would they?

I look at the time. 5:30am.

The brightness on my phone blinds my eyes and I back away as my phone drops. After getting  some conscious back, I pick up my phone and put it on the counter. Then I undress and get ready for school....

After I am done putting on my clothes I rush to the dinning room to meet my sister. Her brown hair is in a complete mess. You can tell she did not remake it since she slept last night.  

"What are you doing? " I ask her yawning

She turns her face towards me and you can tell that she barely woke up. 

"Getting something to eat." She tells me as she gilds to the other side of the kitchen and opens the fridge. 

"But you still have not taken a bath?" I say accidentally making it sound more like a question than a statement.

She doesn't say anything but nods her head.


I'm starting to get a tiny bit annoyed that I took a quick shower so that when my sister goes to take a bath there would still be hot water for her but instead she wants to eat first.

Who does that?!

"I'm going to make pancakes sooo..." I start saying.

My sister doesn't look back at me. She only yawns and leaves the kitchen. 

I start making pancakes. 

In my opinion I a HUGE pancake fan. I love making pancakes almost as much as I love eating them. I will literally make three different types of flavor pancakes. 

My personal top three are blueberry pancakes, banana pancakes and buttermilk pancakes. 

I start making away and by the end I keep some for my siblings and eat the rest. 

After I am done eating I grab my backpack and leave the house. Then I wait for my mother to come back from work and then she drives me to school.

Thank God I'll be getting my driver's license soon... I hope.

I get dropped off from school RIGHT on time... like always. Once I enter the school campus the bell rings and I slowly walk to my first period.

My teacher tells us that her voice is gone and that picture day is tomorrow.

I'm most likely going to wear a regular outfit like I do everyday. I don't understand why people dress all fancy for picture day. I thought you were suppose to look the same everyday like you did on picture day.


I mean - you don't want to look at your yearbooks years ago and be like... "who in the world is that person? You can totally tell she has WAAAY to much makeup on." Only to realize that person was you. 


During French we learned a few basic sentences like... "ma mere est occupe aujourd'hui. " Which means,My mother is busy today.

By the end of school I decide to walk to the library since I have a lot of homework. I cannot believe that teachers are allowed to give you over ten pages of homework in just a single class. 

Once I finish all my homework it's past 8 and I drive home utterly exhausted.

I automatically collapse on my bed to tired to move or talk. 

Sadly... if I knew what tomorrow held I would NOT have gone to sleep automatically.... 

(Author's note: Hi! I REALLY hope that you guys enjoyed this diary. Hopefully I post this chapter a week after I created this chapter. My goal is to post a chapter everyday and tell you guys how I am going... I already started making a story and hopefully I published the first chapter. The story's name is "Without you" and if I already published it I would love for you guys to check it out. I don't know weather or not I'm doing this correctly but I hope so... Please like, favorite or even comment on this Diary.. thanks. :)


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