My diary.


10. 2015-11-3

Hello, as you know Halloween happened the past weekend. I was going to be a character from a video game but that didn't turn out well so instead I was a ballerina. I also got my first ever pair of glasses, my whole family with the exception of my brother, have glasses. I need my glasses to see far away, and my perception isn't very strong. Anyways I most likely won't be updating for a couple of days due to my schedule but perhaps I will get some time to update on Saturday.

This reflection is ironically about Halloween. Halloween has always been fun, but I don't particularly like it. My first memory of Halloween was a long time ago and I scarcely remember it, but I do remember my brother was dressed up as a ketchup bottle and I was Snow White. After that I was a ghost for quite a few years, then I decided to be a little bit more creative and dressed up as a Minion from Despicable Me, next I was Fiona from a cartoon show called Adventure Time. Last but not least this year I was a ballerina, I used my costume from my past dance recital.

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