My diary.


11. 2015-11-20


  Well hello. I'm really sorry about not updating lately I just haven't felt like it. So Remembrance day has past, I took part in a ceremony with my Girl Guides group. Then there is the devastating news about Pairs and the Syrian refugees. My life hasn't been super exciting just a little busy, I've had dance twice a week (per normal) Girl Guides either once or twice a week, and babysitting once or twice a week. Last week was my brothers birthday, he turned nine-teen. It's kinda scary to think that he's almost twenty years of age, he was always there to play with then two years ago he left to University. He lives close but we've definitely drifted away, it makes you think about how you thought you knew someone and they grew up a little and are a lot different. He has always been the fun, funny, popular guy and me? Not so much. Anyways I don't really have anything I'd like to reflect on today so I'll be going, bye.

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