My diary.


9. 2015-10-25

Hello, I'm so sorry for not updating recently. Well I'll do a update on my life, a week ago It snowed for the first time this season, I was very excited and I made a snowball and put it in my freezer, like I do every year. During the week nothing new happened, but on Friday I got my prescription for glasses, then yesterday (Saturday) I went shopping and also picked out a pair of glasses.

This reflection is going to be about siblings. I have four siblings, ( not including myself ) I was born the baby of the five of us. My eldest sister is 29, then my other Is 27, and my brothers are 26, and 19. So as you can see being twelve in a family of older siblings is a bit odd, don't get me wrong I love my whole family but sometimes you can feel left out. When I was a toddler my brother Rory who's currently 19 was like my best friend, we always played together until the part when he was too cool to. I sticked like glue to him and I still do even if he is arrogant. Then all my other siblings are amazing and I love them the same amount, I won't go in to detail about them right now. How many siblings do you guys have, if you have any.


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