My diary.


4. 2015-09-29

Hello whoever is currently reading this. I had to go to dance once again, I'm kinda regretting signing up again. The girls who are one year older then me act like I'm a baby, I'm not a fudging baby. Yes I am new to dance but that doesn't mean I'm going to be perfect and not mess up a lot especially because I'm clumsy. I decided to do dance around last Christmas because when I was younger I always wanted to be a ballerina, also Audrey Hepburn was a dancer. Sorry for ranting I'm just frustrated and tired.

This reflection is about music. Now I'm pretty sure everyone likes listening to certain genres of music, personally I like pop, jazz, and alternate. When I was younger I took music lessons that involved singing and piano, I had agreed for half of my lesson I would do piano and the other half I would do singing. I didn't enjoy piano because I didn't like to commit to practicing, however I did enjoy singing. I would mostly sing songs from the Lion King, after I quit lessons I started to listen to more music, it could be on the radio, from my brothers iPod or from my tiny MP3player. My tiny MP3player consisted of Glee covers, that's until I got my first Apple product I had revived it for my birthday. It was a huge responsibility to me and I instantly started staying up and texting my friends that was over on the same night I received it. I share my Apple ID with my brother and my sister, therefore I got there music. I started to listen all of it and now I love all sorts of music.


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