My diary.


3. 2015-09-28


  I'm sorry that I haven't been updating but there's not very much to update. My weekend involved taking care of a family friends dog and two cats, and I'm allergic to cats and dogs... Smart I know . The only other thing I did was embrace our new unlimited internet by watching Gilmore Girls and Pysch on Netflix for a very long time that I will not specify.       

For my reflection I was thinking I could do it on pets. So I'm sure lots of people didn't have any pets growing up and I'm sure some people had many pets. Our family briefly had a dog , a golden labour-doodle. Her name was Keeley she was a very friendly dog and she belonged to my older brother, now he didn't take very good care of her and she was more of a country dog so my parents gave her away to a family who lived in the country. The only other pets we owned were two finches, squeaky and squawky, yes I know so creative. They eventually died and for some reason I got two more, it took me three years to finally name them. I named them George and Higgins from a Canadian tv show called Murdoch Mysteries. Last Christmas I got a hedgehog, I begged my parents to get him and I thought he was sold to someone else. Yup I started crying in the pet store because I thought the hedgehog was sold to someone, turns out my parents purchased it. On Christmas I received the little guy and decided to name him Alfie.













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