My diary.


2. 2015-09-21


     Today was basically just a typical Tuesday. I had dance in the evening, my dance teacher is very good but I'm sorta a loner. I arrive at dance listening to music then I take my writing pad out and start jotting down story ideas and drawing by myself, they aren't necessarily mean but that doesn't mean their nice. I think they think I'm younger then a I actually am, that because I'm short. I'm also slower at learning new steps but that's okay, anyways I'm probably boring you guys so I'll move on.


      So I titled this diary Reflections, at first it was going to be a poem but I thought it would be better to make it a diary. I will be trying to reflect on certain things every update, you can suggest topics in the comments and I will do them. This week I will be doing seasons, as in spring, summer, fall, and winter.


      Seasons change all through out each year and to be honest I never really paid very much close attention to the seasons changing. It started at the beginning of summer when I actually realized how beautiful all of the seasons are, don't get me wrong I've definitely noticed the seasons changing from very hot and humid to freezing cold but I've never experienced it like this. I feel the climate changes, the leaves are just starting to fade into the warm orange yellow and red, I smell in the chilly fall air, it's cold but not too cold, it's just right! This is what I've started to notice, fall is the best season, but I like winter better for some unknown reason.


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