Remixed is about fairy tales rewritten as boyxboy stories. Now I'm going to say something and I'm only going to say it once:

If you don't like boyxboy then leave this story and keep your comments to yourself.

Okay, now that that's done. There will be sexual scenes in this story (which is why I rated it Red). Now I know that some people are more mature than others who are older than them, but I don't trust the people who aren't as mature as you to read my story and leave inappropriate or insipid comments that will just agitate and anger me.

So, thank you for reading my (crappy as hell) synopsis and...enjoy ; )


1. Foreword

Having read through this upcoming story after I had already written it (and published it on Wattpad), I realized I didn't succeed in writing it to mirror (or be similar) to the Cinderella fairy tale.  However, I like the story and I wanted to see what others think about it so I'm going to keep it as the first story on here, and I would like to know what you guys think about it.


Another thing I want to talk about before you begin to read the story is the chapters of this story and the chapters of the stories to come after it.  The chapter headings will tell you who is going to be the speaker of that particular chapter and, when I'm finished writing the other stories, when the story will change from one to the next.


I don't think I said it all that well, but you'll understand what I mean when you start reading.  So, enjoy (hopefully)!

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