Remixed is about fairy tales rewritten as boyxboy stories. Now I'm going to say something and I'm only going to say it once:

If you don't like boyxboy then leave this story and keep your comments to yourself.

Okay, now that that's done. There will be sexual scenes in this story (which is why I rated it Red). Now I know that some people are more mature than others who are older than them, but I don't trust the people who aren't as mature as you to read my story and leave inappropriate or insipid comments that will just agitate and anger me.

So, thank you for reading my (crappy as hell) synopsis and...enjoy ; )


10. Ethan

    I want to hurt Beau so bad when I figure out it’s him that snatched me out of the hallway and not some pervert looking to rape me.  But he more than made up for it with the most pleasurable bullying I have ever been subjected to.
    Meeting Wolf is a surprise as is spending the night with Beau.  We spend the entire night dancing, touching, and kissing in our little corner.  We go to the bar so many times that I can’t remember when it was that I start to feel weird.
    I cannot stop giggling or touching Beau.  Everything is moving weirdly around me, but if I focus on one thing, like Beau, I don’t notice anything else.
    I don’t remember how Beau and I get there, but somehow we end up in an abandoned alley with Mark pointing a gun at us.  My head starts clearing, but that only makes it possible for me to notice the ball of heat in my tummy starting to unravel and flow throughout my entire body.  I have my arms wrapped around Beau and I can’t help but rub my suddenly throbbing erection and body against Beau.  I moan as the friction makes my body both hotter and better at the same time.
    “Oh, look.  Your little slut doesn’t seem to be too satisfied with the job you did this afternoon.  Maybe I’ll have to take him for a ride and show him how a real man fucks,” I can barely hear Mark through the blood roaring in my ears.  I whimper as my cock turns painfully hard and my hips start to rub furiously against Beau.  Beau snarls something at Mark that makes him laugh before turning to me and rubbing soothing circles on my hipbones.
    “Baby, calm down.  It’s going to be okay,” Something catches Beau’s eye behind me and he nods slightly.  I whimper but nod my head, trying to calm down but I can’t help my hips.  They keep moving against Beau.
    “It burns so bad, Beau,” I whisper as he caresses the skin above the button of my jeans.  He pushes his fingers pass my waistband to reach my cock but is ripped away from me and thrown to the ground.  He groans as his hands reach to the back of his head while Mark grabs me, holding the gun to my and squeezes my cock in one hand.  I try to suppress the moan that breaks free of me, making Mark laugh.
    “You see that?  With one hand, I just gave him more pleasure than you gave him this entire day.  Wonder what he’ll be like when I fuck him,” he growls as he throws me to the floor, wrestling with my pants as he keeps holding the gun to my head.  He presses the gun harder to my head when he sees Beau try to rush him.
    “Uh-uh-uh.  I wouldn’t do that if I were you.  I have no problem with shooting him.  Cause I’m fucking him whether he’s dead or alive.  It’s up to you whether you want him dead or not,” Mark says as he continues to wrestle with my pants.  He gets them down around my knees before he grinds his knee against my cock, making me cry out in pain.  He thinks its pleasure.
    “See that, Beau?  That’s what someone sounds like when a real man gives them pleasure,” he laughs as he yanks my underwear down, pushing them and my pants to my ankles before forcing me to get on my hands and knees.  He doesn’t pay attention to Beau, who’s inching over to a pipe on the ground.  Mark pulls something out of his jacket pocket and starts cramming it into me, making tears slip out of my eyes as I scream out in pain.
    What Mark (and Beau) don’t know is that at my job, my boss makes her employees build up a resistance to these types of drugs so clients can’t slip us something and try to blame us when we have sex with them.  Right now, the drug is starting to lose its effect on me so I’m starting to feel pain.  Lots of it.  Whatever Mark decided to try and shove up my ass is too big; it’s making me bleed.
     Mark starts grunting like a pig as he shoves his pants down, roughly pulling out the object he shoved in me, and pulls my hips to his cock which he tries to shove in me as well.  In his pleasure, he laid the gun down next to my head so when Beau comes up behind him, knocking him out with the pipe he was trying to get to, I get the gun and hold it to Mark’s head.  I try to forget the feeling of his cock laying against me as he tried to rape me.
    Wolf suddenly appears behind Beau with Redd in tow.  Redd takes the gun from me before Beau wraps me in his arms, pulling back to help me pull my underwear and pants up.  I look at the thing Mark shoved in me:  something that’s eight inches long and tapers at the end; its bottom is five inches in diameter.  Yeah, Mark shoved that up me.  Fucking asshole.  I kick his head when no one’s looking.  Redd tries to pick up the bloody object before I stop him.
     “I don’t think you want to pick that up,” I tell him.
     “Why not?”  He asks with a raised eyebrow and his hand three inches above the pipe thing.
     “Because that’s the…thing…he put in me,” I tell him haltingly, embarrassed.  His jaw drops as his hand moves away from the object.
    “He did what?”  Redd, Wolf, and Beau ask at the same time with varying emotions:  Redd and Wolf in disbelief, and Beau in anger.
    “He pulled it out of his jacket pocket and gave it the job of a dildo,” I reply, aiming to kick his head again.  They all beat me to it.
     Wolf kicks his head, Redd kicks his ribs, and Beau turns him over to kick him in the balls.  We all cup ourselves as we watch because Beau kicked him hard.  We all look at him in shock, and he shrugs his shoulders when he catches our looks.
    “What?  He’s an abusive bastard that tried to rape my boyfriend,” When Wolf and Redd turn to each other to talk, I see Beau lean down and bite Mark’s ear hard enough to draw blood.  A lot of blood.  I stare at him like, “What are you doing?!?!”  He grins at me and leans over to whisper in my ear after spitting Mark’s blood out and wiping his mouth off on his mouth.
     “Now he’ll remember me for his entire life.  If he somehow fuck’s with you again, he’s dead.  That,” he jerked his head to Mark’s bleeding ear, “is also just because I felt the need to permanently scar him like he did me.”
I caress his cheek and he leans into it, our lips this close to touching when we hear the sound of approaching sirens, making us break apart.  He wraps his arm around me and pulls me close so he can rest his lips against the side of my head while an ambulance stops in the alley with a police car pulling in behind it and my aunt’s car behind that.
     My aunt and Tanya jump out of their car while an EMT heads toward me.  Two cops get out of their car while another police car pulls into the alley behind my aunt’s car.  Aunt Maggie and Tanya run toward me, looking scared.  Well, Tanya kind of fast walks because if she started running, she’d end up with two black eyes.
     Before the EMTs got here, I’d been sitting on the ground, trying not to move because my lower back is pulsing with pain and making it hard to move.  So when the EMTs pull me up to put me on the stretcher, I can’t help but whimper because the pain in my lower back is that painful.
    They pull back and look at me.  “What’s hurting, sir?”
    “That fucking asshole tried to rape me.  I guess he thought his dick was huge so he needed to prep,” I spit the word out, “me for him when in reality, his dick is the size of a pencil.  So he shoved a huge ass thing in me that fucking hurt and made me bleed.”  Throughout my explanation, the EMTs facing get more and more shocked while Aunt Maggie’s and Tanya’s get redder and redder with anger.  Beau’s face is carved out stone right now as he brushes my hair off my forehead after I’ve been situated on the gurney.  I turn my head toward him and smile at him, nuzzling my face into his chest.  His face softens as he brushes his lips against my forehead, the corners of his mouth hinting at the beginnings of a smile.
    “Sir, what’s your name?”  The female EMT asks me, looking at me with a puzzled frown and a tilt to her head.  I study her and smile before answering.
    “My name’s Ethan Jensen.  Although you might be more familiar with Master Vixen.  You’ve been to Club Chains, right?”  I ask her, tilting my head at her.  She flushes red (a feat, considering her tawny skin) and nods her head quickly while her partner looks at her with a raised eyebrow.
    “Club Chains?”  He asks her, making her face flush an even brighter red.  It looks like her face is trying to spontaneously combust.
     “I’ll tell you later,” she says quickly, ducking her head to avoid his amused gaze.
     “Oh, yes, you will,” he tells her even more amused.  They lift me into the ambulance with Beau following behind me.  The woman turns her attention to Beau’s head while her partner turns to me.
     “Hi, Ethan, I’m Seth.  What exactly hurts?” he asks, pulling his gloves higher on his wrists as he looks at me expectantly with dark, penetrating eyes that go well with his tawny skin.  Obviously, he’s Native American—and very hot.
     Hey, I love Beau like nothing else, but I can still appreciate some eye-candy.
     “His ex-boyfriend attempted to rape me, but decided to prep me for his puny dick.  So right now my ass hurts very much.  I was drugged by said ex-boyfriend but it wore off.  Don’t know what exactly it was, but it made me very horny to say the least.  Thankfully, with my job and boss, I’ve built up a resistance to some of those types of drugs.  In conclusion, my ass hurts and my head is pounding but other than that, I’m fine.  I’m more worried about Beau.  When Asshole threw him to the ground, he hit his head pretty hard.  Is he okay?”  I turn from my EMT to Beau’s and watch as the woman probes Beau’s head, watching as he winces.  I reach out and twine my fingers through his, caressing his knuckles as he tightens his grip on my hand and smiles at me through a wince.
    Seth (and Beau’s EMT) turn to look at me with disbelief when I get through talking.
    “Seriously?” they ask.  I nod absentmindedly, watching Beau stare at me.  They stare at each other for a minute before turning back to their respective patients.  Seth motions for me to turn to my side after he pulls my pants down below my hips, making sure to keep me covered as I’m facing Beau and, therefore, his EMT.  Seth probes my ass, making me flinch and Beau smooth my hair away from my forehead.
    “I love you,” he mouths silently, staring into my eyes.
    “I love you, too,” I mouth just as silently, staring back at him and smiling.  After a while of Seth examining me, he pulls back and helps me pull my pants up.
    “He did a number on you.  You might not want to partake in intercourse¬ as a bottom for a while.  You might also want to limit your movement for the next couple of days.  Other than that, you should be fine,” he tells me as I try to sit up.  Beau wraps his arm around my waist and lets me lean back against him while his EMT finishes wiping the blood off of his forehead, revealing a nasty cut going from the beginning of his hairline to just above his eyebrow.  The female EMT puts butterfly stitches on Beau’s head which makes him wince because his head is tender.
     When she’s done, we move around so that his head is able to rest on my chest until we get to the hospital where I’m pulled into an examination room while Beau has to wait in the waiting room.  Before long, my aunt and Tanya rip the curtain back and are rushing me with arms outstretched.  As I try to breathe, I see Beau coming towards me with his mom on his right with her arms wrapped around his and his dad on his left with his arm around both their shoulders while Darrin hangs on to his belt loops, it looks like.
     Beau stares at me as my aunt and her girlfriend squeeze the life out of me.  They release me just as Beau and his family reach the other side of my bed.  Aunt Maggie and Tanya release me to reach across me to hug the life out of Beau, who looks surprised and about ready to choke.  When they release him, they lead Beau’s parents away to talk with them about Mark, probably.  That leaves Darrin and Beau standing by my bedside.
I rectify the situation slightly as I pull my boyfriend onto my bed with me.  He laughs as I snuggle under his arm.
     “So how are you?”  I ask Darrin, who looks confused.
     “How have you been since the last time I saw you?  Met any cute girls or boys?”  I ask him, watching as he turns bright red and refuses to look me in the eye as he mumbles something.
     “What’d you say, honey?  I don’t have the greatest hearing,” Watching him take a deep breath and raise his eyes to mine, I mentally awe because Beau’s brother is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen.
     “I said, I actually did meet someone,” he tells me.  I beam and sit, crossing my legs and pulling him down onto the bed to do the same thing.  Beau still reclines back on the bed, occasionally caressing my lower back, while Darrin and I talk.
     “Okay, first off, is this person a guy or a girl?  It doesn’t matter to me, obviously, it just helps me figure out what questions to ask so I can tell if the person is right for you or not,” I explain when I see his face start to redden again.  He takes a deep breath, lets it out, and starts.
     “Well, his name is Mason and he’s pretty new to the school.  He just moved here from Montana with his parents and little sister.  He’s in most of my classes and he has the locker right next to mine.  This is what he looks like,” Darrin pulls out his phone and looks through until he finds the picture.  When he shows me the picture, I can’t help but gasp and tears well up in my eyes as I see the poor baby’s scarred face.
Mason has a scar on the left side of his face that starts at the beginning of his hairline and ends just below his mouth.  The scar distorts his face a little:  it goes through his eyebrow, pulling it down; it missed his eye, thankfully, and it just touches the corner of his lips, pulling that side down just a scotch.
     “Oh, the poor thing.  How did that happen?”  I ask, taking the phone and studying his poor face.  Darrin shrugs his shoulders and watches me as he explains.
     “I don’t know.  He doesn’t like to talk about it, and he also doesn’t like for his picture to be taken.  The only reason I have that picture is because I told him a joke, which he smiled at, and I took his picture without him realizing it,” Darrin picks at a loose thread in the blanket on the bed while he talks.  Beau had sat up while Darrin was talking so he could look at the picture.  When Darrin finished talking, Beau starts.
     “Isn’t this the guy that moved in to the house next to us?”  He asks Darrin, who nods with a blush.
     “Aww, that’s so cute!  You have a crush on the boy next door.  I have always wanted to say that.  Now I have and now I can witness a romance blossom before my very eyes.  But for that to happen, I have to spend more time at your house and, Darrin, you have to bring Mason over often so I can meet him and so I can give you tips on how to seduce him.”
     “Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.  My baby brother is not going to be seducing anybody,” Beau speaks up as he tries to stare me down, making me roll my eyes.
     “Okay, baby.  I’ll just give him tips on how to flirt with the boy,” I tell Beau, seeing him nod his head, while I type my number into Darrin’s contacts and a message, too.
     “I’m going to teach you how to seduce your boy, but we’re going to have to do it on the down-low so your brother doesn’t know.  Okay?”  Darrin smiles up at me after he finishes reading what I wrote while Beau looks at us suspiciously.
     “What did you do?”  He asks me.  I look at him, innocently.
     “I gave him my number in case of an emergency,” Beau stills looks suspicious, but drops it when his parents come back in as well as my Aunt Maggie and Tanya.
     “You’re both being released now because the EMT’s did everything that was needed so you’re both going to have to sign these before you can leave,” my aunt tells us before handing us the appropriate clipboards.  When we’re done, Beau helps me walk out of the hospital and into the parking lot.
     “Can I spend the night with Ethan?”  Beau asks his parents, who look at each other.
     “If it’s alright with Ethan’s aunt, it’s fine with us,” they say, so I look pleadingly at my aunt and Tanya; Tanya stares at my aunt because Aunt Maggie is deliberating for too long.  Finally, Aunt Maggie nods her head, too, but only after Tanya pinches her arm.
     Beau smiles and helps me into Aunt Maggie’s car after hugging his family; Darrin surprises me with a hug.  Aunt Maggie drives us to my apartment where Beau helps me out of the car and into the apartment after I’ve said goodbye to my aunt and Tanya.  He helps me to my bedroom where he strips our clothes off and then he tries to put me in bed, but I stop him.
    “I made a promise and I haven’t fulfilled it yet,” he looks at me questioningly which goes away when I pull him to my closet of toys.  I see his cock starting to strain through his snug underwear and I grin, excited to finally enact my fantasies in real life.

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