Remixed is about fairy tales rewritten as boyxboy stories. Now I'm going to say something and I'm only going to say it once:

If you don't like boyxboy then leave this story and keep your comments to yourself.

Okay, now that that's done. There will be sexual scenes in this story (which is why I rated it Red). Now I know that some people are more mature than others who are older than them, but I don't trust the people who aren't as mature as you to read my story and leave inappropriate or insipid comments that will just agitate and anger me.

So, thank you for reading my (crappy as hell) synopsis and...enjoy ; )


8. Ethan

    My heart breaks when Beau tells me that Mark used to do those things to him.  So I try to make him forget about Mark by telling him I’ll torture him with pleasure, but that plan gets waylaid by the fact that my body is completely exhausted.  So I ask for relaxation time, and oh my, gosh—bathing with Beau is amazing because he’s so sweet and gentle.
    And I am so happy that he calls Masquerade without any prompting by me (I can’t believe I’m going to Masquerade!  I’ve been wanting to go since it opened but I never had anyone to go with).  Turning down the opportunity to have sex with Beau is so difficult!  But I really want to go to Masquerade.
    So after we get dressed, an idea hits me about a way we can pass the time—teaching him some self-defense moves.  That backfires when, at first, Beau refuses to throw a punch and then, when he does throw a punch, he gets me right in the cheekbone.
    I collapse on the floor, holding my cheek.  Beau gasps and starts for me before stopping with his arms stretched out to me.  I get up and work my jaw, still holding onto my face.
    “Are you okay?  I am so sorry, Ethan!”  Beau cries out, still standing in the same position with his arms stretched out to me.  I take a step toward him, but it’s negated when he takes a step back.  I look at him with worry.
    “Baby, I’m fine.  It was a stray hit.  That kind of thing happens all of the time in sparring,” I tell him, pulling my hand down from my face.  Beau gasps when he sees my face.  The blood drains from his face and he walks to the front door, avoiding me on the way.  I grab hold of his arm to stop him and he flinches, making me drop his arm.
    “What’s the matter, baby?”  I ask him in a whisper, reaching up to his face.  I drop my hand when I see him flinch away from me.
    “I hit you and you have a bruise starting.  It just reminds me a lot of what Mark used to do,” he whispers back to me.  I feel tears start to well up in my eyes as a crack forms in my heart.
    “Baby, stray hits happen all the time in sparring.  I know you didn’t mean to hit me.  If you had done it intentionally, that would be a lot like Mark.  Did you do it intentionally?”  I ask him, raising my hand to caress the back of his hand.  He shakes his head real fast.
    “No, of course not!”
    “Then it was an accident.  Accidents happen.  Relax, baby,” I whisper to him, standing on my tip toes to kiss his cheek.  He accepts the kiss with closed eyes and takes a deep breath before speaking.
    “I’m just going to drive around until 7:00 and I’ll meet you at the club.  Okay?”  He asks quietly.  I nod my head grudgingly.  He gives me a quick smile before leaving.
    I watch him back out of my driveway and hope that he does show up to the club.  In the meantime, I have to figure out a way to pass forty minutes.  I look around my house and my eyes land on my television.  I shrug and plop on the couch; maybe a Say Yes to the Dress marathon will be on.
    I pass the forty minutes with ease after being disappointed about there being no SYTTD marathon then delighted as I find a marathon of Smallville on TNT.  When I glance at the clock, I turn the TV off and call for a cab, not willing to take a chance on walking alone at night.
    When the cab gets here, I make sure I have my keys and wallet before looking in the mirror to check out the faint bruise on my cheekbone.  I lock my door behind me then tell the driver where I need to go, sitting back and watching the scenery as it goes by.  We get to the club and I pay the tab, getting out and walking up to the door.  I pay the fee and go up to the counter on the side that’s filled with masks, the entire wall behind it filled with masks, too.
    I walk up and ask for Marnie, smiling as I see a woman walk up to me behind the counter.  She has black hair with chunky bright red highlights while her eyes are an amazing light green.  The few freckles she has across her nose are faint against her lightly tanned skin.
     “How can I help you, sir?”  She asks, smiling.
     “My boyfriend and I called in earlier and reserved masks.  I’m here to pick mine up and was wondering if he had already picked his up.  The masks were reserved under ‘Beau B-E-A-U and Ethan’,” I tell her, watching as she reaches below the counter to pick up a mask.
     “He picked his up about ten minutes ago.  He should be in the club by now,” Marnie tells me as she hands me my silver mask with black rhinestones scattered on the mask.  I put the mask on and go to pay for it, but Marnie stops me.
     “Your boyfriend already paid for it, sweetie.  Just go on in,” Motioning me to a hallway that I’m assuming leads to the club.
     I smile at her and walk down the nice looking but scary hallway.  It’s scary because there are alcoves down the entire length of the hallway and there are people in there doing things that I think are illegal.  Not drugs but I keep seeing flashes of bare skin in places there shouldn’t be bare skin in public and hearing noises that shouldn’t be made in public.
    For example, in one such alcove, I count three guys, no shirts, two and half missing pants (two guys had no pants while one had his pants halfway down), and body parts I shouldn’t be seeing disappearing in places that shouldn’t be shown in public.  So you’re not confused, one guy (half pants man) is facing the wall while one of the naked guys is entering him from behind while the other guy is entering the first naked man.  Basically it’s a three-way.  In public.  Ew.
    I don’t have much time to think about other nastiness going on in the other darkened alcoves before a hand shoots out from an alcove, grabbing my shirt and hauling me in.

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