Remixed is about fairy tales rewritten as boyxboy stories. Now I'm going to say something and I'm only going to say it once:

If you don't like boyxboy then leave this story and keep your comments to yourself.

Okay, now that that's done. There will be sexual scenes in this story (which is why I rated it Red). Now I know that some people are more mature than others who are older than them, but I don't trust the people who aren't as mature as you to read my story and leave inappropriate or insipid comments that will just agitate and anger me.

So, thank you for reading my (crappy as hell) synopsis and...enjoy ; )


6. Ethan

     When I see the text, I know that I’m going to need help in dealing with Mark because how would he know that Beau’s with someone who’s in his chemistry class?  He wouldn’t unless Mark is somehow spying on Beau.
So I bring Beau to my aunt’s work, hoping she’ll be able to help.  I help Beau endure the explanation about Mark, the taking of the pictures, and when his family comes to station.
     When his parents start crying, my heart nearly breaks, especially when I see his dad.  Beau’s dad doesn’t start sobbing like his wife and younger son, but I do see the tears that well up in his eyes as he’s the first to see the pictures and the single tear that escapes when he sees how many pictures there are.
    When Beau says he wants to spend more time with me, I see the look his Dad gives me and I try to tell him with a look that I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure Mark gets nowhere near Beau that I think he understands as he slightly nods.
    I drive Beau’s car to my house as Redd follows behind us.  He checks to make sure Mark hasn’t broken in or is anywhere near my house before leaving.  I try to distract Beau from what’s happened to him by picking out a movie.  Since I don’t know what he likes to watch, I pick out my favorite (Burlesque) and put it in.  I so do not expect Beau to put his head in my lap, not at all.  I look down at him, shocked, but he just watches the movie so I decide to not make a big deal about it.  I hesitantly start stroking his hair, and when he doesn’t object, I start caressing his scalp as I sing along to all of the songs in the movie.
    When I picked the movie, I completely forgot about the love scene in it.  I stop singing and think about what it would be like to be in the same position as Christina Aguilera, but instead of my head resting on Cam, Beau would be in his place.  I can’t help but start getting aroused especially when Beau won’t stop moving his head, obliviously rubbing against my erection.  I can’t take it anymore so I lean down, turn his head, and starting kissing him.  Beau’s reaction completely surprises and arouses me.
    He growls and shoots up from my lap to pull me on top of him, straddling his lap.  He makes me grind against him as one of his hand goes down my pants to cup my bare ass while his other hand threads through my hair, pulling my head back so he can move down to suckle a hickey on my neck.  I moan as he moves down to bite and suck my nipple through my shirt, making my hips jerk and grind harder against him.
    Beau jerks away from me when the (ex?) girlfriend comes into the picture.  He pulls his hands away from me and takes me off his lap, getting off the couch to stand in the corner, gasping.  I’m dazed on the couch, panting and suddenly cold.
    “I’m s-s-so sorry, E-E-Ethan.  I j-j-just got c-c-carried away.  I d-d-didn’t mean to attack you.  I’m so s-s-sorry, Ethan,” he gasps and stammers at the same time, trying to calm down.  I stare at him in disbelief as tears well up in his eyes.  When he starts sobbing, I get up and lead him over to the couch.  I stop the movie then gather Beau up into my arms.
    I’m sitting sideways on the couch with a leg pulled up so it’s easy for me to wrap my arms around his shoulders as he buries his face in my shoulder, snaking his arms around my waist to clutch me close to him.  He sobs for a couple of minutes before calming down enough so I can talk to him.
    “What’s wrong, baby?”  I ask him, brushing his hair out of the way so I can see his red-rimmed, slate gray eyes.  He looks at me for a minute, just taking deep breaths to calm down before he speaks.
    “That’s how Mark used to act with me.  Rough and manhandling.  Not caring how I felt,” he whispers to me.  I stroke his hair for a moment, gathering my thoughts before I speak.
    “Beau, listen to me right now and don’t forget a word I say.  You are not like Mark in any way.  If you are too rough with me or I don’t like the way you’re treating me, you can bet your ass I’m going to be telling you right then and there.  Do you understand?”  I tell him, cupping his face in my hands, forcing him to look at me.  He nods his head and I smile.
    “Good.  Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to get back to what we were doing before you freaked.”  I tell him, turning to the TV.  I see him droop in disappointment before he sees that I turned the TV off.  I grab his hand and lead him to my bedroom, pushing him onto the bed.  I crawl up his body, pausing to nuzzle the bulge in his shorts before continuing up to his lips where I lick them and pick up where we left off in the living room.
    He growls and clamps his hands around my head, keeping me in place.  He kisses me and turns both of us so that he’s on top now and I’m the one sprawled out on the bottom.  I raise my knees up to cradle his body with mine while my fingers trail along the edge of his scalp where there are baby fine hairs on the back of his neck which I twist my fingers in.  I trail my hands down to his shoulders, fingering the bulging muscles.
    Beau has released my head from his grasp so he can prop himself up with one arm and trails his other hand down my body to wrap around my thigh, pulling it tighter around him as he grinds against me.  I mewl as he bites and laves my neck; trailing my hands down his back, I feel the bulging muscles as I make my way to slide my hands down the back of his pants to cup his bare butt cheeks.  Beau moans and grinds harder against me, lifting my legs to wrap them around his trim waist.  He pulls back to tear both of our shirts off and push our shorts down to our ankles.
    Right now, we’re both wearing our snug underwear that’s making the other go crazy.  Beau continues to drive his hips into mine as I scour his back with my nails, throwing my head back from pent up desire.  I’ve been in love with him since third grade and we’re finally going to make love.  Oh my, gosh, I think I’m about to pass out.

    To avoid passing out, I roll us so I’m on top where I can sit up and gasp in deep breaths while Beau sits up under me and continues to give me hickeys on my neck.  But he does pull back when I’m still gasping after a couple of minutes.
    “Are you okay?”  He asks, his eyebrows knitted together.  I manage to nod my head while still gasping in breaths like I just came back from a 5K run.  That I didn’t train for.
    “Hey, hey, easy, easy,” Beau says as he shifts me to the side of the bed where he gently pushes my head in between my knees.  He sits behind me, his legs on either side of mine, while he massages my shoulders.  After a couple of minutes, my head starts feeling better and I feel like I can breathe right again.  I lean back into Beau’s chest, my head resting on his shoulder while I look up at the ceiling.
    “I am such a dork,” I mutter.  Beau chuckles and turns his head to nuzzle my cheek.
    “Why did you freak out?” he murmurs back.  I sigh, closing my eyes as I feel his warm breath against my cheek.
    “You felt so good that it made me light-headed then I just couldn’t get in air,” I tell him, waiting for a laugh.  He doesn’t disappoint.
    “You freaked because I felt so good?  Aw, poor baby,” he chuckles, wrapping his arms around me and laying back down on the bed.  I turn my head toward Beau, listening to his heart beat in my ear.  I carefully maneuver so I can lay face down and listen to the steady thump-thump-thump of his heartbeat.  Beau wraps his arms around my waist while I curl mine around his shoulders.  After a while of Beau gently playing with my hair, he rolls us over slowly so he can thrust against me while I lay face down.  He takes my hands and pins them down on the mattress so he can thrust faster.
    “Are you feeling better, baby boy?” he whispers in my ear.  I moan and nod.
    “Oh, you feel so good against me, baby boy.  I just want to stay here forever,” he groans against the back of my neck, still thrusting.  I writhe against him, wanting our underwear off so I can feel our skin against each other.
    “Oh, baby boy, you’re driving me crazy,” he groans, pulling back to take our underwear off then pauses before he climbs back on top of me.  He turns me over to look at him and I stare at him through eyes heavy-lidded with desire.  He moans when he sees my gaze.
    “Baby boy, quit looking at me like that or I’m not going to tell you what I had in mind because I’m going be fucking you into oblivion,” he growls, covering my eyes with his hand.  I let him while I listen to what he has to say.
    “Why don’t we use your toys after this to play with each other?” he asks.  I whimper imagining him strapping me to the pole and whipping me.  A steady stream of pre-cum dribbles from my cock as a result of my short-lived fantasy.  Beau laughs as he bends down to lick the stream up, making me moan and buck my hips.  He steadies them and pushes me back farther onto the bed then straddles my hips, forcing my hands to clamp on my headboard.
    “I think you like that idea.  But we’re going to do that after this round because the first time we make love is not going to involve whips, restraints, or any other BD/SM related item.  Not our first time,” he says, trailing his hands down my arms to rest on my chest where he tweaks my nipples.  He leans away from me for a moment to rummage through my nightstand, pulling out a tube of lube triumphantly.  He squirts a dollop on his fingers then rubs them across my hole.  The cold lube makes me jump and squirm but Beau soon warms it up for me as he rubs it all over and inserts a finger into me.  He moans and nuzzles my hair.
    “God, baby boy, you’re so tight.”
    Another finger squirms its way inside as they stroke my insides and hook to pull against me, making my back arch off the bed.  Soon, Beau has all four fingers in me, stroking and searching so when he pulls out before touching that bundle of nerves I whimper, loud and long.
    “Easy, baby, easy.  I’m not through with you yet.  Will you put this on me?” he asks, handing me the lube.  I uncap it and squirt a healthy size on it before smearing my hands with it.  I reach down and grab his cock, rubbing it furiously and thoroughly.  Beau moans loudly before forcing my hands off of him and holds them together with one hand while he positions himself to enter me.
    He slowly forces his head in, rocking his hips back and forth to move farther inside me.  He starts thrusting faster, harder the farther in me he gets.  Soon his entire length is within me, making me gasp and writhe about on the bed.  Beau gasps and clenches his hand in my hair.
    “How are you so tight?  Are you a virgin or something?”  He groans still thrusting.  I stop moving and say nothing.  That fact registers with Beau, making his eyes snap open and his hips stop moving (which makes me whimper quietly) as he stares down at me.
    “You’re a virgin?”  He asks.  I can’t help but flush bright red and nod my head.  He starts to slide out of me when I snap my legs around him and force him back in me, making his eyes roll back in his head and a moan escapes from my throat, my head thrown back in ecstasy.
    “How are you a virgin?  Especially with that closet you have,” he asks, starting to thrust again.  I close my eyes to enhance the feeling of him deep inside me.
    “That room is so I can practice for a job I have,” I tell him, starting to thrust against him.  His eyes roll back in his head when I roll us around so I can take over the thrusting.  His eyes snap open when he registers what I said and he sits up quickly, driving himself deeper into me.  He groans quickly then focuses back on me.
    “What kind of job is this that requires you to have a torture chamber to practice with?”  He ask, clamping his fingers around my hips to stop me from moving.  I groan in frustration (and not the good kind) and look him in his hardened eyes.
    “I’m basically a male dominatrix.  I work in a club two towns over where I tie men up and punish them according to how they pay.  They pay the minimum, they get a small punishment; they pay the maximum, they get a huge punishment.  The max payment usually lasts ten to twelve hours.  There is a strict policy—customers aren’t allowed to touch the punishers.  There are bouncers that stand guard in the room with the employees because the rooms are sound proof.  So if a customer somehow gets out of his restraints and decides to be the punisher, the body guard boots his ass out right then and there, no refund.  There are also security cameras in the room for added protection.  Now that you know what I do for a living, can you fucking please get back to making love to me?!?!  I feel like I’m going to die if you don’t move,” I half-scream at him.  His eyes soften as he leans back, his hands becoming gentler on my hips as he helps me move up and down.
    I moan, leaning my head back as one of his hands plays with the tip of me and the other trails up my body to tweak my nipples then wrap around my neck, pushing my head back farther so he can lick me from my belly button to my chin.  I brace my hands against his chest, his pebbled nipples poking my palms, as I rise up and sink back down on his shaft.  His hands around my hips tighten as I pick up the speed.  I’m so close to the edge, so close, I just can’t get to it.
    “I can’t, Beau, I can’t!”  I sob as I try to go faster.  Thankfully, Beau seems to understand what I’m trying to say because he turns us over on the bed, clasping his hands against my knees and pulling them up to his waist.  He comes up on his knees as he thrusts against me while I arch my back against the bed, keening.  He’s thrusting so hard, that he just barely brushed that bundle of nerves, making me whimper and arch my back again.
    “Almost touched it, baby.  I’m gonna get it and when I do, I’m gonna make sure you scream loud enough to wake the New Yorkers,” he growls.  Considering we live in California, that’s quite a feat.  Let’s hope he keeps his promise.
He pulls out of me, making me whine which he hushes, and pushes my legs up to my chest then thrusts back in, deeper than before.  So deep in fact that he hit that bundle of nerves on the first thrust, making me scream and clench my fingers in his hair, pulling his head down to my throat.  He chuckles and lick my throat as he pulls back and thrusts harder against the bundle, making me scream again and see stars.  He abuses the spot so much that by the time he comes, I’m just lying there, breathing raggedly and staring up at the ceiling, practically blind from the stars in my eyes, having come so many times that the last time I came, just a drop of semen came out.
    Before Beau collapses on me, he lets my legs fall down to cradle his body.  He wraps his arms around me and rolls us over, keeping me on his chest.  I lay on his chest, my ear against his heart again, completely limp and unable to move while he traces imaginary patterns up and down my spine.  I sigh and drift off to sleep although I’m not asleep long before Beau wakes me up, wanting to know about something to do with my job.
    “What is the maximum punishment where you work?”  I explain it to him and he thinks.
    “Will you do that to me?”  I shoot up off him and my jaw drops as I stare at him.

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