Remixed is about fairy tales rewritten as boyxboy stories. Now I'm going to say something and I'm only going to say it once:

If you don't like boyxboy then leave this story and keep your comments to yourself.

Okay, now that that's done. There will be sexual scenes in this story (which is why I rated it Red). Now I know that some people are more mature than others who are older than them, but I don't trust the people who aren't as mature as you to read my story and leave inappropriate or insipid comments that will just agitate and anger me.

So, thank you for reading my (crappy as hell) synopsis and...enjoy ; )


11. Beau

     Watching Mark touch Ethan, makes my head pound with rage.  When he’s away from Ethan, I finally start to calm down, but I get pissed off again when I realize what exactly he did to Ethan while I was distracted with my head.  When Ethan’s EMT is examining him, I feel like the worst boyfriend in the world every time I see Ethan flinch.
When we get to the hospital, Ethan is taken away to a bay in the ER and I’m attacked with hugs by my family.  When we get to Ethan’s bay, he’s getting suffocated by his aunts like my parents were doing with me.
    Finding out about Darrin’s crush was puzzling because I always thought he was going to be straight, but finding out about Ethan’s idea of teaching my baby brother how to seduce men was horrifying because, first things first, Darrin’s my baby brother, I don’t want to even think about him kissing someone, much less seducing them; and, second of all, I don’t want my boyfriend to be teaching my brother how to seduce someone.  It’s not that I don’t trust Ethan and Darrin, it’s just weird to think about my boyfriend giving my brother tips on men.  Ugh, ew, just thinking about it is giving me the creeps.
    Getting permission to spend the night at Ethan’s is amazing because now I can snuggle up to him while I sleep.  He’s like a life-size teddy bear that radiates warmth and has soft, silky skin.
    As I’m getting us ready for bed, I can’t help but mourn the fact that I can’t make love to him tonight.  Feeling his soft skin is making me hard, but I don’t want to hurt Ethan just so I can feel pleasure.  I mean, yes, I’m into the BD/SM thing, but I’m not a hard-core sadist.  I don’t want my partner to be crying out in pain.  I want him to take pleasure out of the pain, but if all he feels is pain, that’s a turn-off for me.
    Anyway, just as I’m about to lay Ethan down in bed, he stops me with a hand pushing my chest and a single sentence, “I made a promise and I haven’t fulfilled it yet.”  I look at him puzzled and he explains by pulling me to his closet which makes me think back to earlier today (oh, my, gosh, it’s only been one day?  It seems like that was forever ago) before we made love, I made him promise me that we would use his closet of toys after.
    As Ethan pulls me closer to the closet, I feel my cock starting to strain against my snug underwear.  Ethan looks down at me then grins up at me.
    “Well, then, someone’s a little happy,” he says, coming closer to me and caressing my stomach.  I wrap my fingers around his biceps and push him up against the wall, kissing his lips and thrusting my hips into his.  He moans and trails his fingers down my stomach to the waistband of my underwear which he pushes down below my hips.  His fingers wrap around my cock, making me whimper and thrust into his hand, but I stop when he squeezes the base of my dick with enough pressure for my knees to go weak and for me to pull back.
    “We got to set some rules.  Whoever brings us in here, is the dominant one for the time being.  Does that sound good?”  I nod my head and he smiles, caressing the head of my cock, “Since I’m the one who brought us in here, I’m in charge.  Now while I love what you were doing, I have a plan in mind and you were veering way off course.  So what I want you to do, is take off your underwear and mine, too, then get on your knees,” he tells me, releasing my dick as he watches me take off my underwear.  He slides his hand up my body as I get on my knees to take his underwear off.  I breathe in deeply, taking in the musky scent of his crotch while he threads his fingers through my hair.  He pulls on my hair, gently, making me look up at him while he talks.
    “You’re such a good boy, Beau.  God, you’re so beautiful.  Now, what I want you to do is follow me on your hands and knees and do exactly as I tell you to do.  Understand?” he asks, pulling my face deep into his crotch.  His wet head bumps into my cheek when I nod.
    “Good boy.  Now, follow me,” he tells me, gently pulling me with him by my hair as I crawl behind him.  He pulls me to the metal pole in the middle of the torture side of the room.  About half way up the pole, there are a pair of handcuffs that Ethan puts on me which are surprisingly soft, almost like Ethan’s skin.  I watch as Ethan rummages through a chest that’s against the wall and comes up with what looks to be a blindfold.
    “Do you trust me, Beau?”  He asks, standing in front of me while nervously running his fingers through the blindfold.  I smile up at him and nod, making him relax and come around me to tie the blindfold around my eyes.  Once the blindfold is in place, Ethan explains what’s going to happen.
    “You are handcuffed to a pole that, when touched, sends off a little electrical shock.  Not enough to hurt, just enough for you to pay attention.  I haven’t turned it on yet because I wanted to make sure that you would be okay with what I’m going to do to you.  I’m going to whip you until you tell me not to.  Are you okay with that?”  He asks, caressing my cheek as I nod my head.
    When he moves away from my head, I can hear him rustling around in something on my right.  When he comes back, I feel him reach in front of to my cock, fitting something cold, like metal, around the base of me (probably a cock ring which makes me get even more excited thinking about what’s about to happen).  After he finishes with that, the cool touch of leather caresses my shoulders then I hear Ethan speak.
    “As I said before, I’ll whip you until you tell me to stop.  After that I’m going to play with you to my heart’s content.  Now what do you want the safe word to be?”  He asks, trailing what I think is a flogger down my back and over the backs of my legs.  I’m sure that, had I been standing, I would have fallen down from just that action.
    “Apple,” I tell him.
    “Alright, then.  Just tell me stop whenever you feel uncomfortable or you’re in pain.  Now, let’s begin.”  With that said, Ethan begins a torture that curls my toes in the most pleasurable way imaginable, that I feel like I have died and gone to heaven.
    Ethan trails the flogger up from my legs to my shoulders where he goes back down to my bottom.  He rears back his arm and lets the flogger fly down onto my ass, leaving a pink welt.  With as much force as Ethan used, I can’t help but jerk my hips forward into the pole which makes me shout out because the spark that shocks my cock electrifies me all the way to my bones.  The next time Ethan whips me, I moan when my cock touches the pole.  The coolness of the pole combined with the shock is making me harder faster than I normally would during something like this.
    With each whip after that, I get harder and more aroused, my cock completely soaked in my pre-cum.  I get so aroused that I start to weep with unspent pleasure.  Finally, I can’t take it anymore so I scream out the safe word.
    “APPLE!”  Ethan stops immediately and takes the cuffs off my hands and away from the pole.  I fall back into his chest, my rigid cocking waving and weeping in the air.  Ethan massages my thighs, avoiding my dick, and kisses the skin just below my ear.  I feel his hands reach to take the ring off, but I push them away gently.
   “I want more, Master,” I tell him, taking his hands into mine and resting them over my nipples while I push my head back into his shoulder so I can kiss his neck repeatedly.  His fingers massage my nipples before tweaking them as his teeth take hold of my lobe while his cock starts to rise underneath my lower back.
   “You want more?”  When I nod, he continues, “Are you sure? Cause your cock is looking mighty tasty right now.  Wouldn’t you like it if I deep-throated you then plunge my thick cock into your tight passage?  Huh, Beau?  Wouldn’t that be nice?  I could fuck you all night long if you wanted me to.  Do you really want to continue?”  Through his entire speech, Ethan had his hand around the base of my cock and was pulling ever so gently while his other hand trails its way to my puckered entrance, his fingers working their way inside to stroke my walls, making me lose my mind with lust and need.  I have my face tucked into his neck as my hands reach up and grab his hair, my fingers threading through it and gripping tightly as the need to cum washes over me with an intensity that makes me scream as his fingers probe the bundle of nerves that makes me lose my mind.
    “Oh, gah, Ethan, fuck me, please!  Please, Ethan, just do it,” I cry out.  His fingers slip out of my spasming passage as he immediately pushes me out of his lap and face down into the floor.  He spreads my legs as he rubs his head over my puckered entrance.  He slowly pushes in, making me scream with pleasure.  Once he’s completely in me, he stays still for a minute so I can adjust.
    When I know I’m fine, I push my hips back into his.  From that point on, my ass gets fucked raw and my poor cock is rubbed against the carpet hard enough to give it a bit of carpet burn.  Ethan thrusts so hard and deep that he touches that sweet bundle of nerves every time, making me scream out in pleasure.  I am so glad that Ethan doesn’t have neighbors right now.
    Ethan’s cock is so much better than Mark’s.  A stupid thought to be having when you’re having sex with a god like Ethan, but Mark was really tiny.  Like, so tiny I had to imagine having sex with someone else and rub my wood out myself just so I could orgasm.
    Anyway, back to the sex god that is currently plunging a very thick appendage into me.  I truly do think that he’s completely forgotten about the ring that’s preventing me from coming.  I reach around to the back of Ethan’s head and grab onto his hair, pulling on it enough so that his head is raised off my neck where he’d been leaving hickey after hickey.  He whines and tries to break free, but I pull back on his hair again.
    “I can’t come, baby.  Please take the ring off so I can,” I whisper, bucking my hips back into his.  Ethan slowly slides out of me, making me whimper and writhe on the floor.  Ethan rolls me over to my back and grins at me from above while he straddles my hips, his cock lining up with mine so that they lay next to each other, rubbing together and driving me out of my mind.
    “Oh, I’m not done with you yet.  That ring is staying until I’m done playing with you.  Now since I want to be in you when I come and you orgasm, we’re going to have extend the foreplay a bit, but it’s also going to have be slowed down cause I’m going to make this last the entire night,” Ethan grins wolfishly as he slowly levers off my body, grinding himself on me in the process.
    He pulls me up to my knees and has me crawl to the wooden cross in the corner.  Once he’s strapped me into it, he wraps his hands around my hips and pushes them into the rough wood, making me whimper because the rough texture of the wood is both painful (that’s sensitive skin down there) and full of pleasure (right now I’m so hard that any contact with my cock is going to make me want to come).
    “If you’re a good boy, I might let you come after this.  Only if you’re a good boy, though,” Ethan whispers in my ear, threading his fingers through my hair and pulling on it so that my throat is bared to him.  He spends some time just sucking my neck hard and long enough to leave about a dozen hickeys on me.
    This pleasurable torture lasts all night long.  We moved from the wooden cross to the floor; after that, Ethan drags me to the hook that hangs from the ceiling.  He tied my hands together with rope and hangs the rope onto the metal hook in the ceiling, stretching my body as he whips, flogs, spanks, pinches, and basically drives me out of my mind all night long.
    By three in the morning, I’m so consumed by pleasure that I can’t stop crying and I start begging Ethan to have mercy on me and just let me come already.
    “Alright, sweetness.  Just one more thing and then I’ll let you come, I promise,” Ethan murmurs in my ear, taking the bindings off my wrists and leading me to the bed where I collapse face down, whimpering as my cock is trapped between me and the cool sheets.
    Ethan had taken the blindfold off so I watch him disappear back into the playroom and coming back quickly with an instrument that makes me whimper—a vibrator.
    “Shh, shh, sweetness, it’ll be alright.  I know what I wanted before, but you’re making me lose my mind with desire.  I also know what the doctor said about me not bottoming for a while, but I really need your loving right now.  So what’s going to happen now is this vibrator is going to be in you while you make love to me.  Can you handle that, baby?”  Ethan asks, stroking my back as he looks me in the eye.
    “But the doctor—,” I start to say but Ethan interrupts me.
    “I know what the doctor said, and I just told you—I know what I need right now and I know that I can handle it.  Being with you could never hurt me.  Ever,” Ethan says, caressing my cheek as he leans down to look me in the eye.
I take a deep breath and nod slowly, preparing myself to endure the perfection that awaits me.  Ethan spreads my legs with his knees as he stares down at my body.  His thumb reaches down to push through the ring of muscles that protects my insides.  I writhe on the floor, my weeping cock waving at Ethan as he works my ass into submission.  Only after he’s fully prepared me does he start to work the vibrator into me.  Once it’s fully settled, he takes the cock ring off as he pulls me to straddle his lean hips.
    I lean over him, trying to adjust to the vibrator as I caress Ethan’s perfect body.  His rosy nipples, his defined abs, his cut V-line, everything on him that makes me want to ravage his body.  But I force myself to remember what he went through tonight because of me—his body was tortured.  I have to be gentle with him in order to avoid hurting the love of my life.
    I pull back, staring into his beautiful blue eyes, as I realize that I do love Ethan.  I’m not infatuated with him because he protected me from Mark (well, not only because of that), but because he endured hell for me and decided to be with me anyway.
    I lean back down again, tracing my lips down his cheeks to his chest, pausing to give loving attention to his rosy nipples.  I then trace my tongue over his defined ab lines, working my way to his groin.  After nuzzling my cheek against his head, I lick his head into my mouth, giving it a slow and hard pull like I’m sucking on a lollipop.  Ethan’s hips lift off the ground as he moans, his hands going down to tug on my hair.
I lift away, pulling his hands free as I rise up on my knees to tower over him.
    “I’ve been thinking.  If you want to keep the vibrator on while I’m inside you, you’re going to have be facing down.  Your arms aren’t long enough to reach that far if we do missionary style.  So do you want—,” Ethan interrupts what I was going to say by flipping over so his ass is propped up into the air, his enticing entrance winking at me in the light.  My breathing intensifies as I reach for his perfect ass, spreading the cheeks apart so I can nestle my cock into the crease of Ethan’s ass.
     He moans and tries to push back against me, but I discourage him from doing that again by slapping the outside of his thigh, “Be a good boy, Ethan.”
     He whimpers but stops moving.  I work his entrance into submission with my fingers before hooking my fingers and gently pulling the ring of muscles apart, and I slowly ease my cock into his entrance, withdrawing my fingers from his entrance.  He pants and moans as I move all the way into his passage.  He suddenly moves so that his knees are underneath him and I move up onto my knees farther which makes Ethan’s passage suck me all the way in to his prostate.  My head bumps against it as Ethan keeps moving, making him whine and whimper.  He reaches behind him and suddenly flicks on the vibrator, making me cry out in ecstasy.
     I can’t help but withdrawing my hips and shoving them back in relentlessly.  Ethan moans and screams out, reaching back to thread his fingers through my hair.  We make love for close to an hour before I finally can’t take the sensations anymore and I start to pound into Ethan’s hole furiously.  In about six seconds, Ethan has blown a load onto the hard wood floor and I’ve busted a nut into his spasming passage.  I shudder as the vibrator continues and I start to cry as it tortures my over-sensitized body.  Ethan feels a tear land on his neck and turns off the vibrator.  I shudder as the sensations just stop and sigh in relief.  I’m completely weak because with the cock ring in place for so long, I came for three minutes until I ran dry.  I collapse onto Ethan’s back and am helpless to help him as he wiggles out from underneath me.
    He stares down at me as he picks me up bridal-style.  He carries me into our bedroom before depositing me on the bed.  We snuggle for a bit before he turns the TV on, tuning into a Grimm episode.  We watch the marathon until we start to drift off.  But before we do completely I nudge Ethan awake.
    “I love you,” I whisper in his ear.  He smile up at me, “I love you, too.”

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