Remixed is about fairy tales rewritten as boyxboy stories. Now I'm going to say something and I'm only going to say it once:

If you don't like boyxboy then leave this story and keep your comments to yourself.

Okay, now that that's done. There will be sexual scenes in this story (which is why I rated it Red). Now I know that some people are more mature than others who are older than them, but I don't trust the people who aren't as mature as you to read my story and leave inappropriate or insipid comments that will just agitate and anger me.

So, thank you for reading my (crappy as hell) synopsis and...enjoy ; )


9. Beau

    When I saw that I’d hit Ethan, I freaked out.  Bad.  I just needed to be alone so I told Ethan that.  I drove around town for forty minutes, watching the little kids play in the park before dinner and chuckling as they whine for five more minutes of play time.  When it’s 6:50, I start driving toward the club.  After paying the entrance fee, I walk up to the counter filled with masks, admiring the wall of masks behind as I wait for the couple in front of me to finish picking out their masks.
    When they’re done, I ask for Marnie and smile at the short woman with black hair and red highlights.  Her mischievous pale green eyes match her freckles that look like they belong to a fairy or a pixie.
    “How can I help you, sir?”  She asks.
    “I called in earlier to reserve two masks for me and my boyfriend.  The reservation should be under the name ‘Beau B-E-A-U and Ethan’,” I tell her, smiling.  She reaches under the table and brings out two masks:  one completely silver with black rhinestones and the other gold with dark red rhinestones and glitter paint swirled all over it.  I pick up the gold mask, putting it on as I pay for them both as she puts the silver mask back under the counter after I told her that Ethan would be arriving later.  She waves me on to the hallway that leads to the club.
Let me just tell you right now that I don’t even want to think about half of the things happening in the little dark alcoves that line the hallway all the way to the club.  I find an empty one and stand in it, waiting for Ethan to walk past.
    As I wait, a trio of men that look similar stumble into my alcove.  They turn their lusty eyes on me as they push me into the wall, one of the men getting on his knees in front of me and mouthing my dick through my jeans.  The other two attach themselves to my sides as they lick my neck and hump my hips.
    “You want to play with us?”  The one on my right asks, plunging his tongue in my ear after nipping my lobe.  The one on his knees is starting to unbutton my jeans, touching me through my underwear.  I try to push them off me, but they just keep coming back to me, like yo-yos.
    “No thank you.  I have a boyfriend that I’m meeting here,” I tell them, pushing the one on his knees away from me when he tries to take me out of my underwear.
    “He won’t know.  I promise we won’t tell him,” the one on my left says as he starts tweaking my nipple through my shirt.  I can’t help getting hard, but it’s only because I keep thinking about Ethan acting this way with me—rough and demanding.
    “I said, no thank you.  Now please leave,” I tell them, gathering them up in my arms and depositing them in the alcove next to me.  They pout but turn their attentions to each other.  I get my clothes back in order and try to ignore the grunting and moaning I hear from the alcoves around me.
    I’m almost starting to give up hope when, three minutes later, Ethan walks by with his mask on.  I snake an arm out and grab him around the collar, hauling him into the alcove with me.  He squeaks when I press him face first against the wall, nuzzling the back of his neck and thrusting my hard, jean covered cock into his plump, tight little ass.  I have his wrists pinned to the wall with my hands as I kiss his neck, expecting him to melt in my arms.
I don’t expect him to smash his foot down on top of mine, making me pull back my hands and body, while he throws his head back, I assume to break my nose.  But he just bangs his head into my chest.
    “What’s wrong with you, Ethan?!”  I cry out, clutching my foot while trying to back away from him.  He gapes at me.
    “Beau?”  He asks me, incredulous.  When I nod, his face darkens then he pounces on me again, slapping the back of my head and shoulders.
    “What were you thinking, grabbing me like that?!  I thought I was about to be raped!”  He cries out, still hitting me.  I grab his wrists to stop him from hitting me anymore as my face turns bright red when I realize how things must have looked from his point of view.
    “I’m sorry, baby.  I just didn’t want you getting attacked by any of the sex addicts here,” I tell him, wrapping my arms hesitantly around his waist.  He remains rigid for a couple of seconds before relaxing and wrapping his arms around my neck, nuzzling his face into my neck.
    “Yeah, what’s with these alcoves?  It seems like every single one of them is filled with people doing the nasty,” he shudders to accentuate his point.  I raise an eyebrow and pull away from him to look down at him.
    “You think what we did earlier today was nasty?”  I ask him, slowly backing him against the wall as a wave of heat washes through his eyes.  He just moans as his head falls back against the smooth concrete wall when I push my bulge against his, taking his wrists in my hands to pin them against the wall above his head again.
    “You think this is nasty?”  I ask him, grinding my hips into his.  I watch as his eyes roll back in his head as I keep his wrists in one hand while the other goes to his ass and sinks below his waistline to probe his puckered entrance.  He thrusts his hips into mine faster as I sink a finger into him, knuckle-deep.
    “So?  Do you think this is nasty?”  I growl in his ear as he tries to kiss me.  I dodge his lips and spin him around to face the wall, pinning him against it.
     “Answer me, Ethan.  Or you’ll have to be punished,” I growl at him, slapping the side of his thigh.  He whimpers and tosses his head.
     “It’s—not—nasty!”  He gasps out.  I grin and drop him from the wall.  He looks up at me confused.
     “We came here to dance and have fun so let’s go,” I tell him, grabbing his hand in mine.  I ignore his disappointed look as I lead him to the club.  I take him to a corner in the back, near an exit, to dance.  He faces away from me and reaches up behind him to wrap his hand in my hair as he grinds his ass against my groin.  I grasp his hips with tightening fingers as he grinds harder.  He subtly points to another gay couple dancing.
     The smaller man has his back to his partner and slowly sinks down the bigger man’s body then turns to rise up with his tongue raking a path from the bigger man’s groin to the middle of his chest (which is bared by a leather vest), the highest the smaller man can reach on the big man.  The larger man has his hands tucked into the other’s back pockets, grinding his hips against his stomach.
     Ethan turns to me and leans in to shout in my ear, the only way to hear above the pounding music.
     “I know the mountain man.  He’s a bouncer at my job.  Let’s go say hi,” Ethan wraps his hand around mine and pulls me to the couple.
    I forgot to mention that Masquerade is a club that welcomes all couples:  gay, lesbian, straight, transgendered, etc.  It’s a one of a kind in our town.  Not that our town is filled with homophobes or anything, it’s just that the clubs before used to cater to just straight couples or just homosexual couples—not both.
     Anyway, Ethan drags me over to the mountain man as his partner skips off to another man.  Mountain man looks at Ethan and burst into a grin then grabs him up into a bear hug that makes me want to have a mountain man stuffed and nailed to the wall.
     “Hey, little man!  What’re you doing here?”  He shouts to Ethan after putting him down.  Ethan grins up at him before wrapping his arm around my waist, hanging onto the hand that dangles over his shoulder after I put my around him.  Mountain man appraises me as Ethan talks (well, he really shouts).
     “I’m here with my boyfriend.  Wolf, meet Beau.  Beau, meet Wolf,” Ethan introduces us to each other.  Wolf holds his hand out to me to shake my hand which I do.  He starts to squeeze so I squeeze back.  I have this little genetic thing that runs in my family that makes my hands grip things stronger than a normal person should be able to.
So a pissing contest like this, even with Mountainous Wolf, is easy to win.  His eyebrows raise when I exert more force than seems possible for a guy my size.
     “Strong grip you have there, kid,” he remarks after pulling his hand away and giving it a discreet shake or two to work out the discomfort.
     “It can be stronger, if need be,” I subtly warn him.  His eyes narrow to study me until Ethan steps between the two of us.
     “Alright, if you guys are done with the pissing contest.  Wolf, I just wanted to say high, I didn’t mean to run your dance partner off,” Ethan says.  Wolf just waves his hand as if to wave the kid away.
     “Ah, he wasn’t serious.  He just wanted to show his friends that he could dance with the big, bad Wolf and not get eaten.  Well, I don’t know if a nibble counts but—,” Ethan interrupts Wolf quickly.
     “Okay, I’m stopping you right there so I don’t get embarrassed,” Ethan gives Wolf another hug as he shakes his head in disbelief.
      “I should let you go because I want to get in some dancing time with Beau before I have to go home,” Ethan waves bye to Wolf, who ambles off in search of another victim, while Ethan drags me back to the corner we were in before Wolf was spotted.
     I pin Ethan to the wall, raising one of his legs to wrap around my waist as I slowly thrust into him, while his fingers twine in my hair, his head falling back to moan.  I dive into his bared throat to suck and nibble to my heart’s content, leaving hickey after hickey on his pale skin, marking him as mine.
     We dance until it’s midnight, changing up our dancing positions but we keep going back to the one that has Ethan’s leg around me as I thrust my bulge against his.  This is the longest foreplay I have ever been involved in, including the time my mom took me to a male strip club on my eighteenth birthday and paid for my first lap dance (later on, we went on a couple of dates and had sex a couple of times, too).
     We’ve gone to the bar and back to our corner dozens of times, and for some reason, Ethan’s acting a little tipsy even though all he’s had to drink is Sprite.  He’s giggling as he leans against the wall, trying to kiss me.  I force him against the wall and look him in the eyes with worry.
     “Baby, are you feeling okay?”  I ask him.  I get motionless when I feel something cold touch the back of my neck and someone from behind me answers the question.
     “Right now, he’s just feeling a little tipsy, but in a few minutes, he’s going to be wanting to screw everything that walks,” a deep voice growls in my ear.  I shudder as I recognize the voice and Ethan stops giggling when he sees the dude’s face.
      I turn around and look at my ex-boyfriend, who’s smiling like he knows something I don’t.
      “Thought you could screw somebody else and get away with it?  I don’t think so,” he growls then motions for me to follow him through the door next to us that leads into an alleyway.

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