Remixed is about fairy tales rewritten as boyxboy stories. Now I'm going to say something and I'm only going to say it once:

If you don't like boyxboy then leave this story and keep your comments to yourself.

Okay, now that that's done. There will be sexual scenes in this story (which is why I rated it Red). Now I know that some people are more mature than others who are older than them, but I don't trust the people who aren't as mature as you to read my story and leave inappropriate or insipid comments that will just agitate and anger me.

So, thank you for reading my (crappy as hell) synopsis and...enjoy ; )


5. Beau

    Explaining Mark to Ethan was difficult.  Letting Ethan send that text to Mark was horrifying.  Having Ethan know I’m scared shitless of Mark was beyond painful.  But knowing that Ethan has an aunt that works in the police department?  That was stupefying.
    As I gape at Ethan, he smiles at the clerk (whose name tag reads Tanya) who jumps up from her seat and throws her arms around him and, effectively, me.  When the heavily endowed woman realizes she’s hugging a boy she doesn’t know, she pulls back and peers up at me.
     “Oh, you’re so adorable!  Where did you find this cutie, Ethan?”  She asks him as she lays her hands against my cheeks, pulling me down for another hug.
      “Actually, Beau and I go to the same school.  He needs some help and I was hoping Aunt Maggie would do me a favor,” Ethan tells Tanya, watching, amused, as she smushes my face in her ample bosom.  I’m sure if I were ten to fifteen years older and, oh I don’t know, straight, I might be aroused by this.  But since I’m neither of those things it just felt like my head was buried in between the two largest marshmallows in the world.
      “Tanya, what have I told you about molesting Ethan and his friends?”  A musical voice rings out across the small room, making Tanya sigh, stroke my hair, and step back from me.  I straighten up to see a tall, redheaded woman sauntering over to us.  She stops in front of Ethan and lays her hands on his cheeks.
       “Oh, you’re so handsome.  C’mere,” She pulls him to her and hugs him tightly as Ethan wraps his arms around her and holds her just as tightly.
       “Hey, Aunt Maggie,” he breathes.  The look on his face makes me heart contract it’s so longing.
       “What do you need my help with, baby?”  She asks after she pulls back.
       “Can we go somewhere private to talk about it?”  He asks, looking at me.  She looks to me as well and nods her head slowly.
       “Alright.  Follow me,” She turns around and leads us (including Tanya…hmm) farther into the station.  She walks on the outskirts of the bullpen and leads us into an office that has huge windows that overlook the entire bullpen.  Wow, Ethan’s aunt must be like the captain of the station or something.
      “What’s wrong?  Are you in trouble?  Is someone bullying you?  Talk to me, Ethan, don’t just stand there looking at me,” She rapid fires at him without giving him the chance to talk.  Tanya rolls her eyes and Ethan just looks at her for a minute with a raised eyebrow.
      “Are you going to let me speak now?”  He asks, folding his arms across his chest.  His aunt just glared at him.  He shrugged and began to tell her and Tanya the tale of my (ex?) boyfriend.  Then he showed them the text message Mark sent.  A hard expression forms on Ethan’s aunt’s face as she reads the text then she and Tanya both cross the room and fold me into their radically different arms:  Maggie has skinny toothpick arms and Tanya has soft, squishy arms (not fat just squishy).
      “Oh, you poor boy.  We’re going to take care of that asshole for you and we’re going to make sure he never gets near you again.  We have to call your parents—,” I look up at her quickly.
      “Why do you need to call them?  I’m eighteen,” Tanya pats my cheek and leads me over to a chair in front of Maggie’s desk as Maggie explains.
      “He threatened your younger brother.  I’m assuming he’s a minor therefore we have to call your parents,” I barely nod my head as an image comes to my mind of Mark doing some of the things he did to me to my younger brother.  Ice shoots through with ice and I feel the blood drain from my face.  Ethan stands behind me and wraps his arms around my shoulders as he bends down to lean his head against mine.  I clutch his arms against me as he tells his aunt and Tanya about my scars.
      “Would you be able to show them to us?”
      “Would you mind if I took photographs of them?”
      Maggie and Tanya, respectively, ask their questions in unison.  I nod my head in answer to both questions.  Tanya goes behind Maggie’s desk and pulls out a drawer, reaching in to get a camera like you would see on CSI and all of its cousins (including NCIS and its siblings…I love those types of show).
      “Are you sure?”  Ethan whispers in my ear.  I nod my head and get up, pulling my shirt off as Ethan closes the blinds that look into the bullpen.  I take off my pants and look questioningly at Ethan when I have my thumbs hooked into the waistband of my boxer briefs.
      “Do you want to see all of his scars?”  Ethan asks with just a hint of emphasis on the ‘all’.
      “If that’s alright with him,” Maggie tells him as she searches for something in her desk along with Tanya.  Ethan comes to stand in front of me, placing his hands on my neck.
      “You don’t have to show all of your scars to them if you don’t want to,” he whispers, his minty breath washing over my face.
      “It’s okay.  Can I hold your hand while this happens, though?”  I ask him, my hands landing on his hips.  He smiles and nods his head, watching while I slide my underwear off.  I take his offered hand and look down at the ground, waiting for them to turn around and start taking pictures.
      When they do turn around, they both gasp and Tanya’s eyes fill up with tears as they take in my damaged body.  I avoid looking at them as they move toward me and I clutch Ethan’s hand tighter in my own.
      “Oh, you poor baby,” they breathe out at the same time, both of them with tears filling their eyes.  Maggie shakes her head and walks to me slowly as Tanya slowly starts to raise the camera to her eye.
      Maggie puts that L-shaped ruler you always see in crime scene photos on my chest, framing one of my scars and Tanya takes a picture of it.  This procedure goes on for hours and for the entire time it takes for them to photograph every one of my scars, Ethan holds my hand.
      After they finish taking pictures, I put my clothes back on and sit down, listening to Maggie call and talk to my mother.  Through the phone, I can hear the anxious, high-pitched voice of my mother then the low, calming bass of my father’s as he takes over the phone.  When Maggie hangs up the phone she turns to me.
      “Your parents are going to be here in about fifteen minutes.  Would you like to go to our break room or stay here while I talk with your parents?”  Her question makes me tremble.  Not because I’m scared of my family (because I’m not) but because this means they’ll finally know the truth about Mark.  They are going to be so pissed at him and me—him because he hurt me (obviously) and me because I didn’t tell them about any of it.
      “I’d like to stay here, Ms.…,” I trail off, not knowing what to call her.
      “Call me Aunt Maggie, sweetie,” she smiles at so sweetly, I have no choice but to smile back.  Her sweet image in my head is ruined a second later as she goes to her door that leads to the bull pen and yells out.
      “Redd, get your butt in here!”  Tanya glares at her when Maggie pulls her head back in.
      “What’d I do?”  She asks, innocently.  Tanya glares some more, crossing her arms, as she replies.
      “Don’t act all innocent, Marguerite.  You know what you did wrong,” Tanya doesn’t let up on the glare until Maggie crosses the room and strokes Tanya’s crossed arms lovingly.  Maggie whispers in Tanya’s ear for a minute until she stops glaring.
      I look up at Ethan and cock an eyebrow, tilting my head toward the two women.  Ethan leans down, smiling, and breathes into my ear.
      “Yes, they’re a lesbian couple.  That’s why I still talk to her but not my parents,” The sensation of Ethan’s hot breath (which makes me shiver and harden so fast it’s painful) almost makes me not pay attention to what he’s saying.  But I do catch the last part about him not talking to his parents.  I tilt my head up to look at him and furrow my eyebrows, catching his eye and he sighs.
       “I’ll explain it to you later.  Right now we have to worry about you.  Hey, Aunt Maggie, I think ‘Redd’ is here,” Ethan straightens up to tell his aunt the news.  I sigh and turn to give my attention to the new occupant in the room.
Redd is a tall, thin twenty-something year old with a nice body.  I’m not a ho nor am I a man slut, but I do have the ability to appreciate a nice body when I see one.  This man has a deceptive body; it looks like he’s skinny as a rail, but after the sleeves of his polo t-shirt end you can see the lean muscles that appear to be everywhere on his body.  He has dark red hair that doesn’t appear to be dyed because his eyebrows are the same color.  His eyes seem to be like Tom Welling’s; in one light, they look blue and, in another, they look green.
       “Hey, Captain, what cha need?”  Redd asks, leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed.  He has a somewhat deep voice, though not as deep as mine.  Maggie steps away from Tanya and clears her throat.
      “I need you to follow these two home and then make sure this kid doesn’t come anywhere near Beau here,” Maggie had pulled up a picture of Mark on her computer and now shows it to Redd.  He studies it intently then nods his head and looks at me and Ethan.
      “When are we going to head out?”  He asks us.  I look to Ethan as he looks down at me.
      “After my parents come, I’ll be ready to go,” I tell him.
      “I’ll head out when he does,” Ethan tells him.  Redd nods and leaves, I assume going back to his desk.
      Five minutes later, my parents and little brother, Darrin, are escorted into Maggie’s office.  My parents look at me worriedly as they take the seats in front of Maggie’s desk.  Darrin comes to stand by me where I’m leaning against the wall with Ethan next to me.  I wrap my arm around Darrin’s shoulders and he leans into my side, resting his head against my chest in the place under my armpit.  I love my little brother, he’s nothing like my friend’s kid brothers; he never annoys me on purpose, he doesn’t play pranks on me.  All he ever does is help me with anything I ask; he’s the best brother anyone could ask for.
      “What’s the problem, Captain Jenson?  Has Beau done something…wrong?”  My mom spoke hesitantly.
      “Oh no, Beau’s not in any trouble at all.  His boyfriend on the other hand…he’s probably going to jail—for a while,” Maggie says in a hard voice.  My parents and brother look confused.  Maggie looks at me and I gulp.
      “Beau, sweetie, do you want to tell them or do you want me to?”  She asks gently.  I motion for her to explain while Ethan entwines his fingers with mine.
      As Maggie explains the situation to my parents and brother, I feel Darrin start to shake and hear my mom start crying.  I don’t want to look at my dad because I’m afraid of how he’ll react.  So I bury my head in Ethan’s hair, loving the way his fingers start stroking the backs of my knuckles.  It’s not long before Darrin latches himself to my side like he’ll never let go and my mom throws herself into my arms, practically choking me with her grip on my neck.
I hear Maggie quietly tell my dad about the pictures that were taken and the text that was sent.  I don’t know how, but my mom hears and demands to see both immediately.  I bury my head farther into Ethan’s hair, half-turning my body into his in the process, dreading the reactions to the pictures and text message.
      It takes about half an hour for my parents and brother to look at all of the pictures and message.  By the time it’s over, Ethan has his arm around my shoulders, my arms are wrapped around his waist, and my head is buried in the crook of his neck.  Ethan brushes his lips across my forehead from time to time, but otherwise does nothing except hold me.
      My brother hurtles himself into my side, forcing me to let go of Ethan to hold and steady Darrin while my mother attaches herself to my other side and my father wraps his arms around all of us, his head resting against mine.  Ethan keeps his hand on my lower back the entire time my mother and brother sob and my father kisses my forehead repeatedly.  They all pull back and look at Maggie.
       “What’s going to happen to that son of a bitch?”  My father speaks first.  I look at him, shocked, because my father rarely cusses and rarely speaks with anger.
       “First, we need to find out where he is then we can arrest him.  The photographs are enough evidence to convict him,” she says with confidence.  My parents nod as my brother keeps hugging me.  I wrap my arm around him as Ethan laces his fingers with mine again.  Darrin sees this and peers around me to study Ethan who studies him right back.
       “Who are you?”  Darrin had opened his mouth to ask this same question, I’m sure, but my mother beats him to it.  My father looks at Ethan, curious as well.
       “My name is Ethan Jenson.  I’m the one who brought Beau here,” he says, holding himself tall.  My mother walks over and surprises him with a hug after studying him for a minute.  My father shakes his hand when my mother pulls back while my brother just waves.
       “How do you know Beau?”  My father asks, suspicious.  He trusted Mark and is probably thinking that Ethan is trying to get into my pants.
       “We go to school together.  As the text said I’m in his chemistry class.  For the record, I’m not a slut.  I’m also confident in saying that you are not a slut as well,” Ethan directs the last part to Darrin, referring to the text.  “Wow, I just noticed how much Mark likes that word.  He calls me that every day at school.  Huh, I never realized that,” He murmurs to himself, kitting his eyebrows together as I do the same.
       “Mark calls you names?”  I ask.
       “Oh, sweetie, he does a lot more than that.  He’s been bullying me since first grade,” he tells me, patting my hair gently while I just look at him confused.
       “Every day except at lunch where he acts all goody-goody around you.  Been pissing me off since third grade.”
       “I never noticed.”
       “Sweetie, it is fine.  Bitch hasn’t had the guts to beat me up since fourth grade when I wiped the floor with his ass.  Best moment of my life,” Ethan sighs in bliss, staring off into space as he apparently remembers the fight.  I snap my fingers in front of his face, breaking him out of his revelry.  He blinks his eyes quickly and looks at my parents.
       “Sorry, I get distracted easily,” he excuses himself.  Darrin giggles while my parents just looked amused.  Maggie is shaking her head, exasperated.
       “Ethan’s offered to protect you guys from the asshole.  I also have an escort ready to drop them off and I’ll have one ready for you guys in a minute,” she tells my parents.  She motions to Tanya, who’d been standing in the corner of the room the entire time; Tanya leaves the room and comes back in with another officer in tow as well as Redd.
       “Officer Riley, I want you to follow them home and be on the lookout for this guy.  If he comes anywhere near the house, you arrest him.  Got it?” she demands after he had studied the photo.  He nods his head and looks to my parents.
       “Whenever you’re ready to leave, I’ll be in the parking lot in a dark blue Chevy Sonic.  Ma’am, sir,” he nods at them when he leaves while Redd stays behind.
       “Come on, Beau.  Let’s go home,” my mom says, motioning for me to come along.
       “Actually, I was wondering if I could spend the rest of the day with Ethan,” I tell them, hesitantly.  Ethan looks at my parents intently.
       “If that dipshit gets anywhere near Beau, his ass is getting kicked into the nearest hospital—and I’m going to do it with glee,” he says, with a look on his face that makes me think he wants to rub his hands together like a villain.  My mom and dad study Ethan for a bit as well as Darrin.
       “I think Beau will be safe, Mom.  I mean, it looks like Ethan really hates Mark—just like me,” Darrin finally speaks up from under my arm.  Ethan gasps and looks at Darrin.
       “Oh.  My.  Gosh.  You are so ADORABLE!!  You’re like a teddy bear!”  Ethan squeals (later he denies that it was a squeal, but it was, in fact, a squeal) as he gathers Darrin up in a bear hug, swinging him from side to side.  I just look at Ethan while my parents resist the urge to laugh, Maggie and Redd shake their heads, and Tanya laughs outright.  Darrin looks so lost like he doesn’t know how he ended up in this position while Ethan just keeps hugging him.  I pry Darrin out of Ethan’s grasp and end up getting a pout from Ethan.
       “Ethan, let’s keep on task,” I say, pulling Ethan onto my left side and keeping Darrin on my right and out of Ethan’s clutches.  Ethan just pouts like a little boy who got his toy taken away and crosses his arms while Darrin looks relieved.
       “I didn’t know that you didn’t like Mark, Darrin.  Why didn’t you tell me?”  I ask Darrin.
       “He just creeped me out when you were going out with him, but now that I’ve seen the pictures and read the text, I hate him,” Darrin explains.  I nod my head and so does my mother.
       “I know what you mean.  He acted nice but underneath it just seemed…wrong,” my mom explains.
       “I guess it’ll be alright if you spend time with Ethan.  Just be sure to get home before ten.  Alright?” my dad tells me, wrapping his arms around me while I nod.  Mom and Darrin hug me before they leave.  Ethan says bye to them all and looks like he’s contemplating whether or not tackling Darrin with a hug, but I put a stop to it by laying my arm on top of his shoulders.  Ethan pouts up at me while I just smirk at him.  Maggie says bye as Tanya escorts my family out of the building.  When Tanya comes back, Redd pushes himself off the wall he’d been leaning against and looks at me and Ethan.
       “Alright, boys, let’s go.  My shift’s almost over and I want to go home, take a shower, and relax.  Maybe go out to a club and find somebody to get laid with.  Who knows tonight could be my lucky night,” he doesn’t sound too enthusiastic though.  Maggie sighs as Tanya shakes her head, crossing the room to stand in front of him.
       “I have told you time and time again.  You are a gorgeous boy and you will find a good man,” Tanya tells him, rubbing his biceps.  He sighs and looks at her with a sad look.
       “When though?  When I’m out of my prime and most guys will be looking for twinks?”  He shakes his head, uncrossing his arms and heading out of Maggie’s office.  He stops in the doorway, turning to look at us with a raised eyebrow.
       “You boys coming or not?”  He asks, striding quickly out of the station as we follow him.  He gets in a nondescript car while Ethan gets in the driver’s seat and I get in the passenger seat.  Ethan drives us to his house while Redd follows.  Redd enters Ethan’s house first then sits outside for a couple of minutes, scanning the streets.
When he leaves, Ethan plops down on the couch, pulling me with him then lays his head down on my shoulder, sighing.  Then he pops up like he just got a burst of energy and heads over to the DVD and Blu-Ray rack.
       “What movie did you want to watch before we were rudely interrupted?”  He asks over his shoulder.  I chuckle and shake my head.
       “I don’t remember, I forgot.  You pick out the movie,” I tell him.  He studies me carefully for a minute then shrugs and starts to read the titles.  After five minutes, he pulls out a movie case and holds it high like it’s a piece of treasure.
       “Behold!  The most awesome movie on earth!”  He says, bringing the case over to me.  He sits down right next to (almost in my lap, not that I’m complaining) and hands the movie over to me.  I read the back and try not to laugh out loud because it’s Burlesque.  I nod my head and hand it back to him, motioning for him to play the movie.  When he does, I move over so when he sits down, I prop my feet up and lay down with my head in his lap.  He looks down at me shocked while I just turn my head to watch the movie.  After a while, he starts threading his fingers through my hair, making me want to fall asleep.  He sings along with every song, except for the love scene.   When it comes, he leans down and kisses me.  What I didn’t expect was my reaction.

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