Remixed is about fairy tales rewritten as boyxboy stories. Now I'm going to say something and I'm only going to say it once:

If you don't like boyxboy then leave this story and keep your comments to yourself.

Okay, now that that's done. There will be sexual scenes in this story (which is why I rated it Red). Now I know that some people are more mature than others who are older than them, but I don't trust the people who aren't as mature as you to read my story and leave inappropriate or insipid comments that will just agitate and anger me.

So, thank you for reading my (crappy as hell) synopsis and...enjoy ; )


3. Beau

     I had another dream about him last night.  And it was so naughty.
     My dream was filled with hot, silky smooth skin, some of it pinked by a belt.  There was bondage and a cock ring and so much cum.  Cum was everywhere—our chests, our backs, our faces, in our hair…in our mouths.
     Crap, I’m starting to get hard—not ideal when running.  In light of my dreams, I should really gather up the courage to break up from Mark.  I mean, maybe my dream guy will like me back because I know he’s gay.  And Mark isn’t the greatest boyfriend ever—I mean, he’s abusive both verbally and physically, but never in public cause that would ruin his reputation.  Of course, he would just blame it on me, but that’s neither here nor there…
     I’m not paying enough attention so when I slam into someone, I’m not that surprised but I still feel awful about it.  I wrap my arms around the guy’s head cause even though we’re running on the beach, there might be something hidden in the sand to give him a concussion.  The reason I know it’s a guy is I can feel his naked muscled chest against mine.  So, we fall down with my arms around his head, our legs tangled together, our lower halves right up against each other (I hope he doesn’t feel how hard I am), and I start to apologize.
     “Oh my God, I am so sorry!  I wasn’t paying attention to where I was running cause I was thinking about something and I just got really distract—,” I stop abruptly because the guy thrusts his hips into mine, making me feel his (rock hard) cock.  I groan softly because of the pressure and I can’t help but thrust back.  I know I flush a bright red because I hope this guy isn’t a homophobe and gets offended.
     “It’s okay Beau.  It was just an accident.  I’m fine,” With a start, I recognize the voice speaking to me and I flush even brighter.  It’s Ethan Jenson…the guy I’ve been having the naughty dreams about.  And the one I’m contemplating on breaking up with Mark for.
     We have finally disentangled ourselves when I say, “I am so sorry Ethan; I don’t know how to make it up to you.”
     Ethan looks up at me and smiles (which makes me notice his golden blonde hair, pale skin, and dark blue eyes—eyes that I could get lost in forever) then says, “If you’re bent on making it up to me, I won’t argue if you cook me breakfast.”
     I nod quickly and say, “Yeah, that’s great.  But can we do it at your place because mine is packed with people.  We can take my car if you want.”  All this with hope in my heart.
     Ethan nods his head and follows me as I lead the way toward my car.  We don’t really talk on the way to his house except for the occasional direction from him.
     Five minutes later, we arrive at his house.  And come to find out, it really is his house; he lives alone.  A while back, I had heard a rumor that his parents kicked him out because he was gay so he moved in with like an aunt or something.  But I don’t see an aunt.
     We walk up to his front porch and apparently, he doesn’t run with keys on him because he bends down, with his bubble butt right in front of my crotch and occasionally it brushes against me, and starts searching for a key, I assume, underneath a ceramic frog next to his front door.  I grit my teeth and bare it because I highly doubt he’s interested in me; I mean, he’s so hot, he’s got to have a boyfriend, right?  Ethan finds the key and stands up, his ass pushing hard into my cock which makes me want to tie him down and fuck him ’till neither of us can move.
     Ethan opens the door and turns on lights as he goes deeper into the house until he reaches the kitchen where he spins around sharply and eyes me carefully before he speaks, “What do you know how to make?”
     I gather my thoughts because he’s so close, all I would have to do to kiss him is lean forward a centimeter.
     “I know how to make pancakes, waffles, omelets, any kind of egg, bacon, sausage…,” I trail off because the boy is like a tornado.  He flies around the kitchen, reaching up for boxes in a cabinet above the stove, reaching into the fridge for milk while his nipples harden (making me want to bite them until they turn dark red), reaching below the stove for a waffle iron, on and on until everything I need to make what he spouts off as he jumps from one end of the kitchen to the other is piled on the counters, “Good cause you’re making me chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and a ham and cheese omelet.”
     When he’s done, he spins around again and stares at my chest, hard.  I’m just about to start squirming when he says, “I’m going to get you a shirt so you don’t get burned accidently.”
     After his announcement, he sprints off into the house where it’s dark.  I look around in silence and decide I need to find a radio if I need to make a monster breakfast like that.  I think for minute then decide that the best place to find a radio would be either a bedroom, hall closet, or underneath the kitchen sink.  Since I have no clue where the first two are, I’ll look underneath the sink.  I get down on my knees, glad that Ethan is getting me a shirt because it’s cold in here, and start digging around in the underbelly of the sink.  After a minute, I hear Ethan come in and wait for him to speak.  When he doesn’t, I ask him, “Hey, Ethan, do you have a radio?”
     “Umm, there might be one in the hall closet.  I’ll get it while you start cooking.  Oh here, I found a shirt that could fit you,” he stammers after I turned around to look at him and before he hands me the shirt he found for me.  I gratefully pull it on because my skin is starting to resemble gooseflesh it’s so cold in here.  I pick the collar of the shirt up and hold it to my nose, inhaling the earthy scent of Ethan.  I’m surprised that the shirt fits me because Ethan isn’t small per se, but he is smaller than me.  Hmm…
     I shrug then turn around and try to figure out what I’m going to make first.  He said chocolate chip pancakes first so I’m going to assume he wants those the most.  I start to make the batter; I figure he’ll want four and I know I want four, so I’ll make ten just in case he wants more.  I turn the stove on and open the packages of bacon and sausage and try to figure out what he’ll want; I do the same with the eggs before I give up and go in search of Ethan to ask him.
     I slowly go down a hallway and stop in front of a door with light spilling out from the crack at the bottom of the doorway; I lean in and listen carefully for signs of life.  I hear nothing at first, but then my hearing adjusts and I hear heavy breathing and I think a moan?
     “Hey, Ethan?  I was wondering if you could help me because I don’t know how much of everything you want.  Ethan?”  I ask, stepping closer to the door, worrying if he’s alright or not.
     “Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute,” he says through the door.  I nod my head and go back to the kitchen.  I mix up the batter and proceed to pour a pancake onto the skillet on the stove.  I crack three eggs into a bowl and beat it with a fork then I pour the scrambled eggs into the other pan on the stove.
     “Hey, if you want to take a shower, I can watch the food so it doesn’t burn,” Ethan speaks from behind me as I watch the food.  I spin around and smile at him, “Really?  That’d be great, thanks!”  I bound off to the bathroom again, stripping the borrowed shirt off as I go down the hall.  When I get to the bathroom, I immediately reach over and turn the hot water on, getting it just right.  When I’m done fiddling with the knobs, I strip completely (admiring the claw foot tub in the corner) and step into the shower, loving the water beating down my back.
     I try not to think naughty thoughts but I can’t help it—all I can think about is a naked Ethan on his hands and knees while I take a belt to his behind, tanning his firm ass.  After I’m done whipping him, I make him hug my leg and hump it like a bitch in heat, his dick colliding roughly with my leg.  I grin as I imagine him with a cock ring, mindless with desire but unable to do anything about it.  These thoughts make me think about my naughty dream of last night.
     I walk into my bedroom and find Ethan sleeping in the middle of my bed, naked.  I grin then quickly strip off my clothes and join him, slowly so I don’t wake him.  I trail my hand up his outer thigh and rest it on his hip while I nibble the place his shoulder meets his neck.  He’s facing away from me but I can still tell that he hasn’t woken up even though he moaned.
     I roll him onto his stomach and I drape myself over his back, nestling my erection in between his cheeks.  I slowly thrust, not entering him just thrusting against him, as I drag my tongue across his shoulders, sliding my hands down to his hips angling them so I can penetrate.  I thrust into his passage when I bite down roughly on his shoulder.  He’s awake now as he moans and tries to thrust back.
     “Uh-uh-uh.  We play by my rules, and my rules are that you do nothing.  Now you must be punished,” I growl into his ear, playfully biting the lobe as I slide out of his passage.  He whimpers and I soothe him by petting his hair while I pull him up and gently push him onto his hands and knees, but not before fitting him with a cock ring.
     “Five lashes with a belt and you must play with yourself for five minutes while giving me a blowjob,” I tell him as I grab a thick leather belt, folding it in half.  I trail the belt down his back and to his bubble butt.  I lay the belt on his back and fit my hands around his ample bottom so I can massage it thoroughly.  He tosses his head and moans loudly, lustily.  After I finish massaging his bottom, I grab the belt again and tease him by gently rubbing it against his bottom then I slap it against his butt with a resounding SMACK!
     “One,” I whisper then lightly rub my hand over the slight welt left behind as my baby boy whimpers and moves against my hand.  I pull my hand away and let the belt fly again, listening to it whistle through the air then as it smacks over his bottom again.
     “Two,” His hips roll, trying not to get too excited as my hand pulls back again.
     “Three,” I thread my fingers through his hair and bend his head back so he can look at me while I trail the belt across his throat.  I keep him looking at me when I slap his bottom with the belt.  I nearly cream all over his face when I see his eyes roll back in his head after he gets hit.
     “Four,” For the last whip, I pull back and let it fly with all my strength.  My baby boy whimpers and collapses to the floor.  His bottom gets bright pink and has five visible welts across it.  By the way he’s moving against the floor, his cock is probably hard as a rock.
     “Five.  Now I want you to grind your cock as hard as you can against the floor,” I growl at him.  He whimpers and proceeds to dig his hips into the floor as hard as he can.
     “That’s it, baby boy, that’s it.  Now make Papa happy and hump my leg like a bitch in heat,” He moans in a high pitch as he drags himself, and his cock, over to me and starts to act like a good little boy by humping my leg hard.  He’s wrapped his arms around my thigh and pistons his hips back and forth, back and forth until I tell him to stop.  He collapses on his back with his weeping cock waving in the air.
     When that part of his punishment is over, I go to my dresser and put some lotion in my hand then I go to Ethan.  I make him turn over and I proceed to massage his bottom with it, using all of my concentration.  By the time I’m done, my baby’s bottom is just a little pink and there is barely a trace of the welts.
     I put my hand on his head, threading my fingers through his hair, and I lead him to my reading chair.  I sit down and watch as he kneels in front of me, and rests his head on my leg.  I smooth my finger down his cheek and trace it over his lips.
     “Remember, my little baby boy, five minutes of touching yourself while giving me a blowjob…you know what, baby?  I change my mind.  I will watch as you pleasure yourself for three minutes then I will give you a blowjob for being such an angel during and after your whipping.  How does that sound, hmm?”  I ask him, raising his head so he’s looking at me.  He grins and nods his head enthusiastically.  I cup his face in my hands and lean down to kiss his forehead lightly.
     “Alright then, baby boy, show me your magical self,” I lean back and watch as he gets up and runs his hands up his body from his hips, running them over his chest where he pauses to tweak and pinch his nipples then continues on to twist his fingers in his hair as his hips shake an enticing rhythm that’s in his mind.  He slowly turns around and bends down, spreading his cheeks so I can see his puckered entrance which makes my mouth water as I shift to accommodate my rising hard on.  He traces his fingers over his hole and lightly enters himself, plunging in all the way to his knuckle.  I restrain a moan as he lets them fall out and turns around, still swinging his hips in that enticing rhythm, and proceeds to sink to his knees and lay on his back, his hands going to his erection, lightly tracing his finger over the bulbous head where a drop of pre-cum is sitting, just begging to be licked off.  Then his fingers dance down to his balls where he first cups them then squeezes them, his hips bucking.  One hand travels back up to his erection while the other drops down to his hole again to plunge in to the knuckle again.

     This goes on for what feels like forever but in reality is only minutes.  When his three minutes are up, I slide out of the chair and straddle my baby boy’s legs.  His eyes flash open as he looks down at me, his chest heaving with his labored breath; the cock ring is really getting to him, he’s almost mindless with the need to cum.  His hooded eyes are completely filled with desire as I lick my way from his right thigh to his balls where I suck them gently into my mouth and bat them with my tongue.  When I finish playing with them, I let them fall out of my mouth so I can trail my tongue up his shaft to his head which I suck on lightly as my fingers slowly take the cock ring off.  I pull back to toss it away and lean back to blow a teasingly cool breath on his head.  I tilt my head and gently suck the side of his cock to leave a mark, my mark, so he knows he’s mine and no one else’s.  He whimpers and bucks lightly.
     I grin and proceed to give my baby boy what he wants—mind blowing fellatio.  Which is what I proceed to do for about a minute.  My poor baby is so sensitive by now that it doesn’t take very long for him to cum; when he does, I lick up every drop.  I stay on him for a while just nuzzling his limp appendage with my lips every minute or so until I can feel him start to get his strength back so I rise off him and pick him up bridal style, carrying him to the bed where I climb to the middle and lay against the headboard with my baby straddling my hips and his head nestled in the crook of my shoulder.

     I’m interrupted in my reliving of my dream by the water turning cold.  I am vaguely aware that I have cum at least three times (maybe more, that’s how engrossed I was in reliving that dream) what with the fantasy and my hands viciously rubbing my wood.  I turn the water off and step out of the shower, grabbing my towel and rubbing vigorously.  I look around and notice that all I have to change into for shorts (the shirt is relatively clean; I only wore it for about ten minutes) are my sweaty briefs and running shorts.  No thanks.  I think about it and decide I have no choice but to ask for help.  “Ethan!”
     I wait a couple of minutes until I hear a shouted, “Yeah?” outside the door.
     “I don’t have any clean shorts to put on.  Do you think I could borrow a pair from you?”  I shout through the door, kind of embarrassed but an idea starts form in my mind on how to tell if Ethan likes me or if he’ll only like me in my dreams and fantasies.
     “Yeah, let me go look for something you can wear.  I’ll be right back,” he shouts back.  I grin and press my ear against the door, waiting to hear his footsteps start back this way so I can put my plan into action.
     After half a minute, I hear his footsteps again and wait until they’re almost outside the door then I throw my towel to the floor and open the door, walking out completely naked.
     I turn my head and see that poor Ethan is in complete shock as I see his eyes struggle not to dip below my waistline.  I grin and reach out, taking the pair of sweatpants, “Thanks, man!”
     I’m not ashamed to say that I love it when he swallows loudly, watching as I put on the sweats, and his eyes widening as they take in my seven-inch flaccid dick, “Uh, yeah, yeah, it’s no problem!”  His voice is a little squeaky by the end of his statement.
     “C’mon man, let’s go back to the kitchen so the food doesn’t burn,” I tell him, throwing my arm around his shoulders after I put on the shirt he gave me before.  I ignore the startled breath he sucks in because of my arm and quickly pull him back to the kitchen.  I get to the pancake before it can burn and flip it, stirring the eggs quickly as I do so.  I finish making breakfast then sit down so we can eat; we talk throughout our meal and he compliments me on my cooking.  Then we clean up, me washing the dishes and him rinsing and putting them in the drying rack.
     Then Ethan asks me a question, “Are you gay for you boyfriend only?” and I answer, “No.”

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