Are You Kidding me?

You know, the school shit ;)


6. 卐 6 卐

A short girl with blonde hair up to her waist, ripped up jeans and a sweatshirt, would start drinking near the counter.
"Hey Chris," Lilia would say, clapping her hand to get her attention. 
"Oh, hey!" 
Lilia and Christen are the besties. Always together, talking, gossiping mostly.
"How are you, baby," Lilia would tease, fixing her nerdy glasses.
"Good~, you?" Christen would flip her hair, taking a sip of her drink. "Well exept when that pervert Damian hit me with a cap..." 
"Oh, him. Well atleast he hosts good parties?" 
"Pft, good? This shit is boring. We need to make it..."
"Fun," They would both say with smiles. 

Nina would have a beer in her hands, hiccuping every second. 
"Are you ok," Damian would whipe his face off, looking at Nina's 'fire hair'. 
Anna would grab Nina's hand, "Stop touching my testicals!" She would scream, "RAPE!" 
"Oh for fuck sakes," Harper would carry Nina, her girl muscles showing (Also some of her cleavage). 
Damian would snicker, "Hey boys, look."
Sawyer would slowly look at Harper, his nose bleeding even more.
Atticus would slowly grab his phone, but Sawyer would slap it out of his hands. "Dont," He would whisper, giving him snake eyes, hitting him in his leg hard enough to make him groan and moan. 
Goodness, she's light, Harper would think, going into living room. 
"Oooohaaaaaaaaaiiii will alway-s," Hiccup,"Love youuuuu- Yoaoaooooo," Nina would scream on the top of her lungs. "Hey Harper nice boobs!" Nina would cup her hands around Harpers D fine breasts, squeezing them. "Hehehe!" 
"Hey back off drunkie, don't make my, 'nice ass' legs, hit you up the ass, ok!" 
Two tall, in-shape guys, would start snapping pictures of Harper and Nina.

Hey hey hey, look who is having a little fun!
(A picture of Nina groping Harpers breasts)

"Oh no you dont," Harper would kick Nina, making her pass out, going to the tall man who has posted the Instagram photo. 
"Oooh, look who is mad, so scared!"
"Oh you better be fucking scared," Harper would upercut him, making his body fly back a bit, not expecting the hard shot. Twirling her leg around under his, punching him in the stomach, making him fall to the floor, hitting down hard. "Bitch..." Harper would look at the second man, doing the, 'middle finger' simbol on her hands, but licking it for a little twist. The guys, going "Ooo, smexy." Walking away, "Oh and, delete that photo, or you get it to jockie," She'd say, setting her hands in her pockets.
The man would be wincing on the floor, hurt, blood running down his lip, almost crying. 
Harper would help Nina up, walking to the bedroom. "Damian won't mind." 
Setting Nina down, she would kiss her cheak, "Go to sleep stupid ass. Wake up scared," She would walk out, slamming the door closed.  

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