Are You Kidding me?

You know, the school shit ;)


5. 卐 5 卐

"You look damn sexy," Anna would say, drooling a bit from Angels appearance. 
"I-Im not that cute..." Fixing her hair, she would have a headband with black and white cat ears, a short skirt showing her ass a little, and a crop top saying, Fuck You, I’m A Cat. Bitch. Her dark blue belly piercing would match the navy blue writing on the crop top. Angel would sway back and forth, her skirt waving with her movements. 
"Holy cow, no offence but that’s the hottest outfit I've ever seen you in, Angel," Harper would stare, bighting her bottom lip. 
"She's mine!" Angel would walk up to Anna when she said that, holding her hand, with a smile.
Harper would chuckle quietly, walking out of the bathroom, the two girls would follow behind.

"Haha, I tried! Goodness," Damian would shrug, bumping into Sawyer.
"You’re such a dumn ass, Damian..." He would sway his hair, bighting his lower lip that had a black ring around the left side.
"Hey look, the girlies'," Atticus would whisper at the two, giggling softly.
"Ngh," Damian and Sawyer would look at the three girls walking out of the bathroom, then spotted Angel. 
"That’s the most, coolest outfit I have ever seen Angel in," Damian would snicker,” Harpers clothes." 
Sawyer would nod, walking off to them.

"Hey, Sawyer," Harper would look up and down at the tall man, about 5'9, tall for her only being 5'3. 
Sawyer would chuckle at the way she said his name in the sexiest, seductive voice she has ever. A smirk would form on his face, “Sup." 
"What brings you here? Bad boy," Her teasing words would run shivers down Sawyers pale skin, as he would let out a chuckle, his deep voice moving on, "Nothing much." Looking at Angel, he would trace her, "Nice outfit, Kitty."
Oh great another nickname, Anna would think, fist pumping Sawyer, "Sup man! How’s life?" 
He would chuckle backing up a bit, "Nothing much..." Repeating from Harpers question. 
Damian would run up, slamming into Sawyer, making him slam into Anna, "Oh fuck!" He would turn around, slamming his hand in Damian’s face. 
"Ugh! Man, what was that for!" Slamming his fist back into his face, hitting his nose, not meaning to make it bleed.
He's hot with a bloody nose... Harper would daydream about him, drooling a little. "Hey Anna, you ok," Helping her up, patting her back. 
"Oh, I'm fucking ok, but Damian is not going to be..."
Atticus would run up, "Hey hey this is all a misunderstanding guys! It was my fault, I ran into Damian. Christen was chasing me..."
Sawyer would look at Atticus, then Damian, slamming his fist in both of there faces, blood slowly trickling down his nose. "Fuck both of you then! Get some balance dumn ass!" Kicking Damian in the foot, then walking off, his hands slamming in his pockets. 
"Grouchy," Angel would snicker. "Nic-" Hiccup, "Ou-tfit baby!" 
Oh great, Harper and Anna would think.
"Oh hey..."
Oh fucking hell, they would all both think once again.

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