Are You Kidding me?

You know, the school shit ;)


4. 卐 4 卐

"Did you hear, three sexies are here," Damian would chuckle, hitting Sawyers shoulder, making his lit cigarette fall on the floor. 
Slowly turning his head, "You..." 
"Now now," Atticus would wave his hands around, "No fighting, unless you want to get beat up!" He would chuckle, backing up a bit, knowing Sawyer would get pissed.
Slowly putting his middle finger up, he would blow his black scene hair out of his face, with a growl. "Please, come at me. Or are you a pussy?" 
Atticus would uppercut Sawyer hard, making him bight his priced tongue. Swiftly kicking him in the balls, Atticus would fall to the floor wincing, curling up holding his area. "L-La-me sh-ot..."
"But works," Sawyer would raise his tight black, white and red plaid jeans, sticking his tongue out, which was bleeding.
Damian would be laughing in the background, still, holding his side, "You guys are completely stupid!" Fixing his button down plaid shirt, then his black tight, tank top under shirt, he would glare at Christen, walking herself down to the kitchen to grab a drink, "Hold up boys," He would whisper, chuckling softy.
"How much of a pervert is he..." Atticus would sigh, and then coughs, still laying on the floor. 
"What do you think?" 

Damian would lean his body over the cold counter, "Hey sexy, watcha' doing..." 
Christen would chuckle, flipping her blonde hair, turning her face to the man leaning over the counter. Black eyeliner would wrap around her light green eyes. Tilting her head, she would bight her lip. "Oh, Damian." She would walk to the other counter on the left, where all the drinks were. 
Grabbing a Bud Light Beer, she would slowly turn her head, looking back at Damian, "Mind popping this for me?" 
"Sure," He would swiftly grab the bottle, putting the palm of his hand, flicking it off. Turning his head up, handing it to Christen. 
Christen had the most pissed off face, Damian has ever seen. "Ow!" She would scowl, turning her head. 
Damian not knowing, he popped the cap on her cheek.
What a dumn ass. 


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