Are You Kidding me?

You know, the school shit ;)


3. 卐 3 卐

"Finally," Anna would wrap her shoulder softly around Angel’s neck, "Were here." 
Harper would raise her hand, the group of chicks and tall muscular jocks would move out of the way, "Hello ladies," Her drunk-like voice would exclaim.
"Drunk once again, Harper," Angel would chuckle covering her mouth, her scene black and white hair sharp and fluffy around her forehead, going down.
Anna, having high black torn up boots, booty shorts, and a crop top reading, I Eat Bitches Only, would walk up to Harper, fist pumping her, "How are ya'?" 
"Eh, you know, badass like always. And as for you," She'd say, nudging Anna and Angels shoulders. 
"Good," They would say in harmonic voices. 
The loud alternative rock, screamo and more would blast in everyone’s ears, so high the building would shake. Harper, Angel, and Anna would grab each others hands, walking to the bathroom. 
Harper, looking into the mirror, would fix her red short spiky hair, then sets her beanie back on with a huff. "You know that Damian has drinks right?" 
"No duh, dip shit. You and your drunken voice, did you have a cup or two without me," Anna would say, nudging her shoulder, and then would go back fixing her neon red gadges.
"Shut up!"
Giggling, the girls would turn over, blank faces, staring at Angel’s new appearance.  

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