Are You Kidding me?

You know, the school shit ;)


2. 卐 2 卐

"Help, please. Just stop," a loud voice would scream.
Harper would pop up, her heart beating incredible speeds.
”O-oh,” Harper would slowly calm down her breaths, turning her head to look at the clock, reading
4:00am. “Yes.” Clapping her hands, she would get off the bed, looking side to side.
Going in her closet, she would grab ripped up black tight jeans, a BVB black writing gray no-sleeved shirt and dark blue Adidas. Quickly putting her clothes out, she would grab a black and white striped jacket, and her glasses hanged on the rack and a dark blue beanie putting them on.
Harper would take soft steps, creaking through the hallway going to the back door, spotting her passed out dad limbed on the couch, a spilled beer with the T.V show Family Guy on.
Harper would slowly open the door, creaking out into the dark woods behind.
Her feet would run quickly, dirt flinging off the ends of her torn up Adidas. A smirk would form on her pale face, with a quiet chuckle. “Oh god, I hope Tory and Christen are there. Don’t want to be the only girl.”
Harper would grab her phone, going to her contacts pressing Anna. She would set the phone to her ear, waiting for her to pick up.
”Hello,” Her “o” going for a while.
Anna would slowly shuffle, hearing the song Knife’s and Pens. She would get up rolling her eyes, slowly moving her body so Angel, laying her head on her stomach, wouldn’t wake up. Grabbing the phone, she would press the little green button, setting it to her ear. “Mh… What do you want dum’ ass. Im sleepin’ here.”
”Hey slut,” Harper would chuckle, “Wondering if you are coming to the late party tonight.”
”What, party? What party...” Anna would lift her body slowly, moving Angels head out of the way, setting it on her lap, petting her white rooted, fading to black hair.
”The party stupid, didn’t you hear? Damian’s three story house~!”
”Oh, that pervert, why would I want to go check his house out. It Probably smells shit, sorry… Not sorry.”
”Come on do it for fun!”
Anna would let out a sigh, “Let me try waking Angel up. Be there in a few.”
Harper would hang up, putting her iphone five in her pocket, giggling softly. 

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