Are You Kidding me?

You know, the school shit ;)


1. 卐 1 卐

Anna would glare her dark brown eyes at the man sitting next to her, tapping her pencil repeatedly. She'd let out a breath, turning her head to the side.
"Would you stop," She would say in an annoyed voice, staring into Damian’s eyes.
Damian would slowly turn his face while he would stop chewing potato chips with his mouth snapping each time. "Make me," He would scowl, chewing into Anna's face. 
Anna would growl, raising her hand, "Mrs. Casandra? May I please move my seat?"
The lady would stop speaking about Greek mythology, turning her head to face Anna. "Why sweetie," tilting her head, having a straight face looking at Anna. The young lady would turn her head looking at Damian, slowly moving her plasma blonde hair out of her face, "Damian." 
The teacher would nod her head, pointing to a free spot in the middle of the classroom. Aggravated, Anna would get up, folders, binders, pencils and other materials she brought with her.
Mrs. Casandra would start talking in her droning voice once again. 
Anna would slowly turn her head, looking at the girl now sitting on the left of her, as she would whisper, "Hey, what time is it?"
"Umm, its-"
The loud bell would ring in everyone’s ear. Cheering would go on in about every classroom. Anna and Angel would get up last. 
Oh great the two A's, Damian would think, backing up to catch them two. "Hey ladies, want to go out sometime?" He would nudge their shoulders, almost making Angel fall over.
"I-I," Angel would stutter in her muffled voice.
Anna would quickly slide her foot on the slippery hallway floors in front of Damian’s, making him fling forward, his books flying, "Hush it small boy, go ask the sissies over there." The two girls would walk off to their lockers, grabbing backpacks and lunchboxes, packing their belongings. 

It was about 1:00 in the morning. Angel would be sitting on the soft bed with fluffy blue blankets, slowly brushing the brush with purple nail polish on her fingernails "Anna," She would say, glaring her eyes at her.
"Hm," Anna would mumble, looking towards Angel.
"When is the year over..." 
"How the hell am I suppose to know. To be honest, I don’t want to go to 9th grade. Life is going to fast, sooner or later where going to have to much responsibilities." 
"You’re just lazy," Angel would giggle in her cute voice.
Anna would throw her pillow at Angel’s feet, "No I'm not!" 
The midnight air would slowly drift in. Anna's eyes getting a little droopy sometimes leaning over, almost falling asleep. Angel would turn her head, looking at the clock and reading: 3:00am.
Sighing, Angel would curl up, cuddling agents Anna's soft skin, slowly falling asleep in her arms. 

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