slam/spoken word poetry.

a depressed otaku boy's shitty poems (:


14. why i started poetry

hi friends, this is not a poem. it's actually an explanation, as to why i started writing slam/spoken word poetry. someone on twitter asked me this, so i thought i'd just make an entry for her question.


i started poetry for a few reasons, actually.

in 5th grade, my teacher assigned us that we all must write a poem of our own. we could write limericks, shape poems, ballads, anything in between. at first, i was going to do a shape poem, but stuck to the ballad instead.

i was the first one to read my poem. it was called 'the ballad of skylar sage', so i put all of the strength i had as a 10 year old and wrote a heart-wrenching story about a house fire and the things left behind (grief and all that).

when i finished, my teacher was smiling. she said, "arielle! did you write that yourself?" i gave her a simple nod and she exclaimed, "that's amazing!"

my friends say i shocked the class. i was in the honors reading class (i'm in the lower classes besides reading), so i was with all of the smarter students. i was a super shy student (and i still am), so just for the class to hear my poetry, is one of the reasons i started to write.

i didn't write any poetry after that.

and then this year a couple months ago, i started watching a youtuber who goes by the name 'spacegirlrachel'. she posted a poem of her own, so i was already listening to a bunch more spoken word.

i stumbled across a slam poem called 'what guys look for in girls' by savannah brown. it was a slam poem, a response to nash grier's video 'what guys look for in girls', and as a feminist, i could not agree with it more.

i also discovered some other amazing poets like sarah kay, phil kaye, brenna twohy, jesse parent, javon johnson, etc. (sarah kay is by far my favorite).

soon enough, i started to write some poetry of my own. my first poem, which you can find in this book, was called 'dust'. i was a bit depressed at the time, dealing with bullying. poetry was a way to calm me down. although it wasn't my best poem, it was my first, so i was new at this.

and that's how i started poetry! i'm still pretty mediocre and beginner at poetry, but a lot of you seem to like it.

thank you for all the support :3 ily all

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