slam/spoken word poetry.

a depressed otaku boy's shitty poems (:


20. untitled no. 1

hello, this poem is unfinished. also untitled. and short. procrastination at its best.


i am stuck in a rift between teen years and adulthood

the years where your toes sink into the hot, grainy

but somehow soft sand

flickering fires and lighters, sparklers bursting

in utter bright ignition

in illusion

where you climb out of bedroom windows

taking your willing friend's hand

off to sneak in concerts

balancing on train tracks

(abandoned ones, but train tracks nevertheless)

a spirited teen hoping, praying not to fall

with green day on repeat

billie joe armstrong once said,

"i walk alone."

in those years, you don't feel so alone

and as the years pass by

catching up, racing to you

bones growing weak and new marks

you've never seen before


and that's the end. literally the end. i came into the poem really wanting to write, really excited, and then when i was almost finished, i had no idea what else to write. argh.

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