slam/spoken word poetry.

a depressed otaku boy's shitty poems (:


18. thinking too much

(this was written over a series of days. and honestly, i can say i poured my heart and soul into it.)


i have learned that when i write

my pen will stop

leaving raven liquid ink at a pause

so instead i will write

but not in one night

in days i will count; starting now

day one

i want to hide

even when the sky gets dark

even when the stars are far

because even though i can't run

i can still hide

but not from you

i could hide from a beating heart

a girl with dark brown eyes and tan skin

a girl who smells of lavender and sleep

a girl that wears grey

and thinks too much she runs away

day two

she doesn't know where she's going

with no clock to keep up with time

with no compass to point her to me

because i am her keeper

but this one broke loose

day three

although now that she's free, she's lost

like peter pan and the boys in neverland

only she's alone with a hook and a ship

a ship she cannot navigate

or has given up navigating

with only a star to point her way

she becomes a pirate, a different person

frustrated, beaten, sad, and alone

she's not broken

just feels as if she's frozen

she hopes she'll be okay and

she will be, one day

her insecurities shattered, finally forgotten

but instead pinned with new ones with worry, dread

think more, care less

that's what they said

day four

i thought i saw her today

but sadly

it was just my reflection

day five

she's still lost

day six

i still can't find her

day seven

today is the last day

she came to say hi

in the mirror, she said,

"we'll be okay"

but to my dismay

she walked away

and i'm sure, soon enough

when the sky's bright

it would all come back to me.

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