slam/spoken word poetry.

a depressed otaku boy's shitty poems (:


16. the truth about being unfeminine

(i could not relate to this more.)


i can't put on a dress

well, i could

but i'd probably try to sew on sleeves

that is, if i knew how to sew

i wear black jeans

jet black, darker than a cave

my sneezes aren't small

or kitten-like at all

i can't paint my nails

if i could, they'd chip at the first hour

i can't wear makeup

it gets all over the sink

and i look weird in lipstick

in fact, when people try to explain me

they think i'm a boy

my voice is deeper than others

i sound like a boy

and i can't fake having a high voice

i can't wear high heels

doesn't matter if they're 3 inches or a centimeter

i'm clumsy and i can't curl my hair

i dye my hair blue and get piercings

but i'm not a tomboy

i can't tell you a thing about sports

don't watch it, either

i can't arm wrestle

and i don't feel that sighing relief

after a beating a boy

i don't only hang out with guys

or hate girls

i simply can't do all the things a stereotypical girl can do

i cannot fold my hands neatly

nor talk daintily

why should i try?

there's nothing wrong with being unfeminine

i will not be something i'm not.

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