slam/spoken word poetry.

a depressed otaku boy's shitty poems (:


2. the simplicity in space

(yes, this is the poem i wrote that inspired me to write my malum fanfic.)


i've always wondered

how the universe was made

i've found it interesting

how the cosmos became the cosmos

or how many moons a planet has

creating a glittering constellation

far too phenomenal to be seen

because underneath it all

the sky is just a blue blanket

clouds are just dustmites

hovering over our earth silently whispering

"it'll be alright"

you see we are made of

star stuff

a never-ending paradise

cosmic lattes

fallen rocks

"it'll be alright"

the sky will say

"it's okay, it's okay."

and it's hard to believe that

the big bang theory

started it all.

who knew a specific

moment in time

could make such an impact

because i sure didn't.

maybe one day i'll realize

the simplicity of it all

how easy it is to understand

how the universe was made

how the cosmos became the cosmos

how many moons a planet has

or how the stars align,

making me have second thoughts

if space is really that simple at all.

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