slam/spoken word poetry.

a depressed otaku boy's shitty poems (:


8. the impossible life

((this one is inspired/based off of a book i read called 'fans of the impossible life'. it was freaking amazing and may just be one of my favorite books. i cried. i cried, for goodness' sake. i suggest that you read it bc it's amazing. and this poem is actually one of my favorites I've written. but anyway, i will mention the initials 'S.J.M' in the poem, and 's.j.m' stands for 'sebby, jeremy, mira.'))


i want to live the impossible life

where clouds are soft to the touch

where grass feels like an itchy sweater

and the rough bark scrapes my hands

leaving a hideously beautiful mark

something with a story

where it's just us

maybe somewhere near the bay

and we'll eat

roasted marshmallows

and salt water taffy

where we'll hear the waves calling our names

where we can carve our initials into a tree


it'll read

probably, hopefully someday

we'll laugh and run and finally

get outta dodge

but that'll never happen, would it?

the clouds aren't really that soft

the grass feels fine

and the bark's mark

won't be beautiful

but yes, it will have a story

it won't be just us

it might not be by the bay

and we won't eat much

the waves are quiet

and there are no trees to carve


but at least we'll be together

just us

maybe not by the bay

or trees

or grass

we'll still live the impossible life

it may not be perfect,

but it'll be ours.

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