slam/spoken word poetry.

a depressed otaku boy's shitty poems (:


12. pluvophile

(wrote this one at night on a rainy day).


rainy days are the best days

the pitter-patter of the droplets

the downfall sound hitting the roof of the car

strictly city noises and the rain

you can almost feel its emptiness

foggy days are my least favorite days

the mystery and suspense

the dampness in the oxygen

you can smell the burning of a cigarette

but you cant see it

sunny days can differ

the sun's highlighting rays

the fresh, uncut grass

it could be fall or spring

and no one would know

snowy days are cozy

the white, bitter weather

surrounding the grass like a blanket

the warm, heating fireplace

perhaps with a cup of hot cocoa

and a good book

something by sarah dessen or jenny han

although all of the days

whether it be

sunny, rainy, snowy, or foggy

rainy is the best

so go ahead and

call me a pluvophile

i certainly won't stop you

i do love the sound of the rain

i do find peace in the rain, so

why would i argue with the truth?

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