slam/spoken word poetry.

a depressed otaku boy's shitty poems (:


17. pain

(i really got into writing for this one. all of this creativeness and inspiration flowed through my head (based on mental illness experience), and this is one of my favorite poems i've written so far.)


"pain" my therapist asked

"what is pain?"

my mind scattered

my words stuttered

shouldn't a depressed person know

exactly what pain is?

or course they assume

the one with the mental illness understands but why would we be

in a psychiatrists' office if we understood?

we must see the world in black and white, they think

with maybe a splash of blue

but only if we're lucky would we

flash a smile because

we are the leaders of the broken

the titans of the beaten

we only hope to have euphoria

and our seven nation army

will mourn and weep and groan

living like vampires

a life without sun

our brightness shrouded with grey clouds

the army growing bigger each day

we are trapped

like animals stuck inside a cage

feeding only on their tears

only aware of the fake scenery around us

as the outsiders, the healthy ones

point and squint and examine us

wondering exactly why we're in a cage at all

we want to be free

we want to feel infinite

we want raw and real happiness

we want to wake up and know

everything's going to be okay

i am still imprisoned

so no,

i do not know what happiness is

i do not know what pain is

i only know what being human is.

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