slam/spoken word poetry.

a depressed otaku boy's shitty poems (:


9. converse shoes

((wrote this one after i bought my new converse shoes (i accidentally got two left shoes and had to walk back to get the right ones, fml) and started to write. and then i stopped when i realized i was pointing out all of my flaws. oops.))


i can get so stubborn at times

even when it's something completely stupid

like someone stealing my seat on the sofa

or when people can't tell the difference between

stars and novas

or when the soft sound of the waves

is, in reality, a cold freezing ocean

perhaps vast enough than my thoughts

or bluer than my sheets

when the pillow cases have dust on it

i try to fix it

to stop my negativity

but it keeps coming back to me

i don't know why

maybe i should look on

the positive side

where i get a better seat on the sofa

or where stars and novas won't matter

and the soft sound of the waves

is warm, and soothing

where everything is quiet

because it's alright for silence

to fill the air instead of talking

for us, at least

that's just fine

only us on the sofa seat

our converse shoes touching

hands intertwined

with you i feel sane

which is saying a lot

especially when the waves are still silent.

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