slam/spoken word poetry.

a depressed otaku boy's shitty poems (:


7. colors

((wrote this when i remembered about how it felt like when i had slight depression, and now my best friend's going through it. this is what i imagine it to be like, kind of.))


there's a mess in my mind

a very untidy one

it has

thoughts on the ground

sounds always found

a place of


and insignificance

but no euphoria.

i sometimes find myself

stuck in my head

caught up in my thoughts

someone help

i need a pen

a piece of parchment paper

jot those memories down

maybe it'll help

i'm sorry father

i'm sorry mother

but my mind is a

screwed up place

you would not like

filled with

candied cotton

and ribbons of silk

and a million things

i don't expect anyone except for me

to understand.

that's alright.

there's not much color

light grey

and pastel blue

faded pink

i can't choose

if you want to stay

although i secretly hope you do

but my mind is scattered around

cutting, humming, running

just run

i've had enough

with all the colors

but i can see somewhat

and i look at you

and only recognize the faded ones.

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